International Student Services

Health and Wellness for International Students

Immunization Requirements

You must complete the Goodwin University Student Health History form and have all immunizations up to date before arrival in the US.

The state of Connecticut mandates that all students supply the following information:

  1. All students must show proof of two MMR’s (measles, mumps, rubella). Individuals born in the United States before 12/31/56 are exempt. Disease history is not acceptable for this requirement.
  2. All students and transfer students beginning 1/1/2010 must show proof of two varicella (chicken pox) vaccines. Individuals born in the United States before 1/1/1980 are exempt. Documentation by your physician of the disease is acceptable.
  3. Proof of Meningococcal vaccination (Menactra) within five years of entry to the College is required for all residential students prior to room assignment. No student may move into campus housing until this requirement is met. Even if not living on-campus, we strongly recommend that all students be vaccinated against this disease. If it has been 5 years since your immunization, you will need a booster shot.

Wellness and Medical Services

Health insurance is required for all international students attending Goodwin University and our health care insurance provider (PSI) can be of considerable assistance in getting to know the health care system in the US. The health system in the US will have many aspects that are different than your home country and some that are the same. The first issue if you are a non-native English speaker will be different terminology. In addition to that, the US medical system will have many other differences. It can be very expensive, it is not socialized and the government frequently makes changes to coverage. The good news is quality health care is available everywhere in the country from a variety of sources. The key lies in knowing the proper procedures, and in knowing where to go for specific kinds of care. This knowledge can save an international student significant amounts of time and money.

Currently, the best option for international students is off-campus health care. There are many fine local doctor offices, urgent care locations and hospitals in the East Hartford Area. This information is located below.

Mental Health in the United States

Seeking help for mental health issues such as stress or depression is very normal in the United States. There are many well trained professionals on and off campus who are happy to speak with you when or if you feel issues arise. Everything is kept confidential and there is not a stigma associated with seeking help.

International students are more susceptible to some mental health issues as they adjust to their very new and foreign environments. It is best to seek out help earlier rather than later if you are experiencing signs of mental strain or stress. Sometimes you may feel that it is hard to communicate about this to another student or adult. You can always reach out to the Student Services team or the International Programs Office. We are here to help and can get you the support you need. If you or any other international students are feeling any of the symptoms below, please reach out to a faculty or staff member and we can help you find the right resources and support for your issues.

  • Noticeable change in behavior
  • Change in appearance
  • Sporadic communication patterns
  • Declining grades
  • Missing classes, work, meetings, or appointments
  • Beginning to socially isolate themselves
  • Bizarre behaviors

Area Medical Locations

Urgent Care Centers

Concentra Urgent Care
701 Main Street
East Hartford, CT
(860) 289-5561

Silver Lane Medical Center
677 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT
(860) 568-7243

PhysicianOne Urgent Care
2928 Main Street
Glastonbury, CT
(860) 657-8289

AFC Urgent Care West Hartford
1030 Boulevard
West Hartford, CT
(860) 986-6440

New England Urgent Care
370 Middle Turnpike W
Manchester, CT
(860) 516-5070

Mental Health Counseling

Staltaro Physchological Services
96 Connecticut Blvd
East Hartford, CT
(860) 502-4908

Hopewell Health Solutions
33 Pratt Street
Glastonbury, CT
(860) 946-0447

InterCommunity Inc
281 Main Street
East Hartford, CT
(860) 596-5900