International Student Services

Health Insurance for International Students

Health insurance is required for Goodwin University international students through PSI and you must provide proof of purchase and a copy of your insurance card to the International Programs Office before or upon arrival to campus.

Health insurance is an excellent benefit to have but it does have a lot of complex terminology and concepts. Here are some basic insurance terms that will get you started in learning more about health care in the United States:

  • Premium - The premium is the amount that you pay to purchase the insurance coverage.
  • Deductible - The deductible is the amount that the insured person must pay before the insurance company starts paying.
  • Co-Insurance - Co-Insurance is the percentage that the insured person pays after the deductible is paid. For example, if co-insurance equals 20 percent, then the insured person pays 20 percent and the insurance company pays 80 percent.
  • Expenses - Expenses are the costs for services such as surgery, hospitalization, x-rays, prescription drugs, and/or laboratory tests; expenses are defined in the individual insurance contracts.

Make sure that you carry a copy of your health insurance card on you at all times. Keep a copy in your room and a listing of doctor numbers accessible. Before you go to a medical provider, it is smart to contact your health insurance provider to see if your procedure will be covered under your insurance. If it is an emergency situation, you will not have time to do this so please make sure that you or a trusted friend are able to make contact once you are safe and being cared for by medical professionals. You are responsible for all expenses incurred during your period of study in the USA, including medical costs.