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Universal Design for Learning at Goodwin

Our area of special expertise is the application of the Universal Design for Learning framework (UDL; CAST, 2018) to the design of learning experiences across a variety of learners and settings.

UDL (CAST, 2018) is a scientifically based framework for proactively designing curricula, implementing instruction, and assessing learning, so all students have equal access to learning. UDL is founded on the idea that students learn best when provided with multiple opportunities and varied, flexible means to access content and apply knowledge.

UDL encompasses three primary principles and associated guidelines that focus on using varied and flexible means to (a) engage students in learning (attitude building), (b) represent and teach important course concepts (knowledge building), and (c) support students in becoming goal-directed learners (skill building).

UDL is predicated on the idea that from the beginning, curriculum, instruction, and assessment should be flexible enough to accommodate these differences. Concepts such as inclusivity, fairness, and equity form the foundation of UDL. As a pedagogical approach, UDL provides each student with the same advantages or opportunities for success. The goal of UDL is to build expert learners.

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