Campus Safety

Emergency Response Instructions

Follow these Emergency Response Instructions to guide you during emergencies, such as fire, disaster, bomb threats, and medical emergencies.

These instructions are readily available in every department. Keep them in a visible location so they are accessible when needed.

In an emergency, the first concern of Goodwin University staff must be for the safety of the students, visitors, and staff.

Be familiar with the information contained in the instructions.

In an emergency: Call 9-1-1

East Hartford Police Department: 860-528-4401 (non-emergency)

The numbers for Goodwin University Campus Safety are:
  • Campus phone x555
  • Non-campus phone: 860‑913‑2100

If uncertain as to which number to call, and/or for all other incidents please contact the: East Hartford Police Department at its non-emergency direct line at 860‑528‑4401.

Police dispatchers will ask you questions regarding the incident including what occurred, where the incident occurred, and/or any appropriate description of individuals responsible.