Office of Civil Rights Compliance (Title IX and Equity) Team

headshot of Alden Minick
Alden Minick
Director of Title IX and Equity Compliance
  • Phone860-727-6741
  • Email
headshot of Emily Cintorino
Emily Cintorino
Title IX and Equity Coordinator
  • Phone860-913-2207
  • Email

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Jean White
Vice President for Human Resources
  • Phone860-913-2262
  • Email
Michael Pardales
Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Phone860-727-6991
  • Email

Title IX Liaisons

Craig Jordan
Veterans Coordinator
  • Phone860-913-2010
  • Email
Molly Zatony
Disability and Access Services Manager
  • Phone860-727-6718
  • Email
Bryton Ferris
Housing Coordinator
  • Phone860-727-6968
  • Email
Rich Vibberts
Director of Campus Safety and Security
  • Phone860-913-2023
  • Email
Terry Antoine
Director of Human Resources
  • Phone860-727-6938
  • Email
Isamar Rodriguez
Community and Educational Service Learning Coordinator
  • Phone860-913-2185
  • Email

Office of Civil Rights Compliance (Title IX)

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