School Safety and Security Certificate

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School Safety Training

It seems that wherever we look, we are met with reports on the alarming increase of emergency situations in schools. It’s natural to turn away from these difficult realities, but for those with the right combination of strength, determination, and the desire to “do what’s right,” there is another — better — response.

Take control. Get involved. Be a leader. There is a role you can play in prevention and response.

Goodwin College has created a 16-credit collegiate School Safety and Security Certificate for individuals looking to begin or advance their careers in the school safety and security field.

Students who complete this school safety training course may choose to stay on at Goodwin College to pursue six additional credits for an advanced certificate in School Safety and Security, which delves further into principles of planning and administration.

There is an ever-increasing demand for individuals to commit to the future safety and security of our schools. Learn more about the many possibilities today.

First Semester

HSM 112 Introduction to School Safety and Security 3
HSM 103 Emergency Planning: Response, Preparedness and Testing for Critical Incidents 3
CJS / HSM 111 Contemporary Issues in Crime and Prevention 3

Second Semester

CJS / HSM 235 Principles of Personal and Physical Security 3
HSR 211 Youth Development Connections 3
HSC 102 CPR/First Aid and Basic Crisis Intervention 1

Total Credits: