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Advanced School Safety and Security Certificate

school safety and security

School Safety Program

In our often frightening and confusing world, emergency situations in schools have become more and more frequent. In times of unpredicted danger and distress, to whom do we turn who has the training and experience to handle the situation correctly?

You can be that person. Rather than waiting for catastrophe to strike, start thinking now about the role you can play in prevention and response.

Goodwin College now offers a 16-credit collegiate Advanced School Safety and Security Certificate, specifically designed for individuals already working in law enforcement, security, and education. You’ve made the commitment to keeping schools safe; we can help you increase your skill set with the latest knowledge and best practices related to school safety training.

In just two semesters, you will be able to:

The need is growing for educational, law enforcement, and security professionals who can plan for emergencies before they happen — and react appropriately when they do.

First Semester

HSM 112 Introduction to School Safety and Security 3
HSM 103 Emergency Planning: Response, Preparedness and Testing for Critical Incidents 3
PSS 360 Risk Reduction through Environmental Design 3

Second Semester

HSM 235 Principles of Personal and Physical Security 3
HSR 312 Youth: Challenges and Interventions 3
HSC 102 CPR/First Aid and Basic Crisis Intervention 1

Total Credits: