Frontline Fund

Goodwin alumni on the front line

Since the arrival of COVID, the term “front line workers” has become part of daily conversation. And with our roster of health-related academic programs, Goodwin has a considerable number of students and alumni right on the front line.

More than 6,700 professionals have graduated into our front line careers. While we are widely recognized for programs like nursing, dental hygiene, public health, medical assisting, and respiratory care, our students are also on the front line in manufacturing, funeral service, human services, criminal justice, and public safety and security.

The Goodwin community is proud to announce a new initiative that recognizes today’s heroes and helps prepare tomorrows. Please join trustees Jeffrey Hoffman and Richard G. Shechtman in launching the Frontline Fund to raise one million dollars this year for students who are nearing graduation but have exhausted all other sources of financial aid.

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