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Need Scholarship Help?

Hints and Guidelines

  • Be prepared to spend time on your scholarship hunt.
  • Be aware of deadlines and requirements.
  • Always have someone check your work.
  • Keep a copy of everything.
  • Keep several copies of your SAR from FAFSA.
  • Keep copies of your latest Federal Income Tax.
  • Keep everything organized in a notebook.
  • If you have been awarded a scholarship, go to the awards ceremony, especially if the scholarship is renewable! Donors like to see who is receiving their award.
  • Make sure your award letter states what the money may be used for and the semester(s) of use if the check goes directly to the college.
  • Write a “THANK YOU” note. Again, if it is renewable or if you can apply for it multiple times, take the time and say thank you. Leave them with a good impression.

Getting Started

Have the following ready to go at all times:

  • Have an updated resume on hand.
  • Have three letters of recommendation (one from a teacher, employer, and character reference).
  • When asking someone for letter of recommendation:
    • ask at least two weeks before you need it
    • give the person a copy of your resume
    • a copy of the scholarship application, and a stamped envelope if needed.
  • Have two general essays ready. Most essays can be tweaked from these two general essays.
    1. What are your future goals?
    2. One that describes your best moment and worst moment.

Helpful eBooks and Books:

eBook from EBSCOHost database:

  1. Scholarships 101: The Real-world Guide to Getting Cash for College By: Stezala, Kimberly.
    Full Text Available. American Management Association. 2008. eBook. 257p.
  2. How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay: Including 30 Essays That Won Over $3 Million in Scholarships
    Full Text Available. 3rd edition. SuperCollege. 2009. eBook. 257p.

Books Available in Hoffman Family Library:

  1. Get Free Cash For College by: Tanabe, Gen S.
    2011. ISBN: 1932662448 Reference
  2. Scholarships 2014 by:Schlachter, Gail, R. David Weber.
    2011. ISBN: 0735204101 Reference
  3. 501 Ways for Adult Students to Pay for College by: Tanabe, Gen.
    2009. ISBN: 1932662685 Reference

Helpful Websites and Sources - This website emails you upcoming scholarship due dates, etc.

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving - scholarships for the Greater Hartford area

Call your town or city high school most of the time they have a list of scholarships for their seniors that might include local scholarships for adult learners.

Manchester residents, click here.

Check your local sources: Parents, Grandparents, Employers, Credit Unions, local supermarkets, etc. Veterans organizations, the Elks, Masons, etc.

Check any organizations that you may belong to that are in your field of study.

Goodwin College scholarships

Additional Scholarship Websites for Adult Students