ENet Experiences: Testimonials Told by Goodwin Graduates

Interested in learning how our alumni have been positively impacted by their ENet experience? Read on and discover what real ENet graduates have to say.

Headshot of Amir

L.O.R.D., ENet graduate, author, and founder of Go Get It Publishing

Programs like ENet are impactful for justice-involved individuals. For me, ENet was like an affirmation. The classes were helpful, particularly financial education and accounting. The materials were enlightening and answered my questions about things that remained up in the air. Being in a position where you’ve been excluded from the world at large, people showing you compassion like that helps you feel humanized. It affirms that you’re still a person. For me, that really hit hard.
Headshot of Brian

Brian, ENet graduate, founder of C.H.A.M.P.S., and Manufacturing Training Center Community Coordinator

Leaving prison, you face a lot of adversity, but you can succeed if you have a realistic plan. That’s part of why ENet has been so fantastic for the Department of Corrections. People can explore new ideas and gain relevant, job-ready experience.

Joseph, ENet graduate

This program gives me the tools and confidence I need when I’m released to follow my goals. Thank you for this life-changing opportunity.
Goodwin University ENet Program Reviews

Ed, ENet graduate, author, and founder of S.C.R.I.P.

ENet brought us back to reality. We’d go to class in person and have intermissions in between. The professors made us feel accepted, educated us on valuable things, and gave me a lot of insight. Professor Connell was always there when I needed answers to questions, no matter what time of day.

Derek, ENet graduate

There are many programs in prison. The majority of these programs focus on your past mistakes. They lack a certain component needed for rehabilitation and reintegration — the opportunity and hope for a chance at a brighter future. This is what the Goodwin Business Entrepreneur program provides. It makes me have hope for a better future.
Headshot of Robbin

Robbin, ENet graduate and founder of Nutmeg Kettlecorn

From the beginning to the end, the ENet program enriched my entrepreneurial journey toward success! Each course is power-packed with the structure needed to turn your business idea into a tangible concept and a well-thought-out plan. Each professor is an expert and lends extreme support to every student, ensuring the material is understood. Appropriate guest speakers and a wealth of resources are included in each class!

I highly recommend taking this intense certificate course to prepare yourself to become a business owner. However, this is not a picnic; hard work, true grit and perseverance are required; nothing good comes easy! I own a kettle corn gift shoppe and website that I’ve learned to sustain and grow through this program’s assistance

Anthony, ENet graduate

I want you to understand how impactful this opportunity is for someone like myself. Since I started taking classes at Goodwin University, I’ve learned so much. To be given an opportunity like this is an amazing blessing. In this program, I am being treated like a person."

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