Testing Center

The Testing Center is located at One Riverside Drive, room 206.

The Testing Center is a university resource for students who have pre-approved academic testing accommodations, require a make-up, CBE, or other exam requiring an in-person proctor, that cannot be completed on Canvas.

Tests are proctored in the Testing Center by trained test proctors who are responsible for the security of all tests administered and for maintaining confidentiality. Test proctors ensure that students receive testing accommodations in a quiet and non-stressful environment.

It is recommended that students take exams with their instructor whenever possible in order to obtain any last minute information regarding the exam and to have any questions answered during the exam. Tools that may help further reduce distractions in your class include: noise cancelling headsets, ear plugs, etc.

Testing accommodations may include

  • Extended time: Calculated based on the length of time that the instructor offers students to complete an assessment. Often students require (1.5x) or (2x).
  • Breaks: During exams these are limited to 5-10 minutes. Typically, students do not leave the testing location and cannot access books, notes, or mobile devices. Except in the case of stop-the-clock breaks, students are not given additional time at the end of the exam to account for time spent on breaks during the exam.
  • Reduced-distraction environment: an environment separate from the regular classroom that limits interruptions and other distractions.
  • Use of assistive technology: includes a computer or speech-to-text software
  • Reader: Test proctor reads the test verbatim and aloud to the student.
  • Writer: Test proctor writes short answer, fill-in and essay tests verbatim as dictated by the student, and for scantrons, bubbles in the answers.
  • Alternative formats: Alternative to scantron, a digital format that is used with a text or screen reader, large print, braille, other alternatives to computer-based exams.
  • Testing Supports: Students may require the use of a computer, calculator, paper, graph paper for providing responses to questions on assessments.
  • Flexible dates/times: Students may need to complete an assessment at an alternate time other than the originally scheduled assessment as a disability-related accommodation.

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