Credit By Exam

Credit by Exam (CBE) Information

Goodwin University offers credit by exams for:

  • BMM 140 - Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics
    In order to successfully test out of the BMM 140 course, students need to be able to solve Mathematics for Machine Technology problems including fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry, and Cartesian Coordinates.
  • MATH 125 - Mathematical Applications for the Health Sciences
    In order to successfully test out of the MATH 125 course, students need to be able to solve drug dosage problems using both proportions and dimensional analysis.
  • MATH 135 - Contemporary Mathematics
    In order to successfully test out of the MATH 135 course, students need to be able to use formulas to solve a range of problems with percentages, interest, future value, geometry, graphing linear equations, and probability.

The registration process to a Credit by Exam (CBE) is quick and easy. In order to register you must follow the steps below:

1. Complete the online registration form

  • Your eligibility to take a credit by exam will be verified based on your status as an active student and not having previously completed the course.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming that you are registered for the credit by exam. This registration is valid for 30 days.
    • MATH 125 or MATH 135: If you have not received your registration confirmation after one week, please contact Natalie Czesak at 860-913-2014 or via e-mail at .
    • BMM 140: If you have not received your registration confirmation after one week, please contact Kira Svirskiy at 860-913-2282 or .

2. Schedule an exam date

  • In order to take a credit by exam, you need to schedule a day and time to take the exam with the Goodwin Testing Center.
  • Please email to schedule an exam date and time. Students have three hours to complete the exam.
  • The exam must be scheduled within 30 days of receipt of the e-mail registration confirmation or required to register again for the CBE.

3. Pay the $100 Credit by Exam fee

  • Payment must be made to the Business Office at Goodwin University.
  • The e-mailed confirmation of the CBE registration is required in order to pay for the exam.
  • Students are required to request and keep a receipt of payment to be admitted to the exam.

On the day of your scheduled CBE:

  • Report to the Testing Center (One Riverside Drive, Room 206) at your scheduled day and time.
  • Bring a photo id (such as a Goodwin University school ID, driver’s license, or state ID card), your receipt of payment from the Business Office, e-mailed registration confirmation, a calculator, and a pencil.
    • If you do not have this documentation with you, for whatever reason, you will not be allowed to take the exam on the day it is scheduled, and you will be required to reschedule your exam.

In order to receive three credits for the credit by exam you must pass the CBE with a 73% or higher. If you receive a grade of 72% or lower, you must register and successfully complete the course.

Please allow 10 business days for the exam to be processed. Notification of the results of the credit by exam will be available upon completion of the exam.

Please note:

  • Taking the CBE will give you experiential credit for a course at Goodwin University, the credits earned via CBE are not transferable to another institution.
  • Only currently enrolled students may take this exam. Credit will NOT be awarded, even for a passing score, unless you are currently enrolled at the time the exam is taken. If you have any questions please contact the Registrar at .