The Nutmeg Career Program

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Not sure what you can do with the degree you are seeking? Need more information about exciting careers in your area of study? If your answer is "yes" to either of these questions, the Nutmeg Program is for you!

What is the Nutmeg Career Program?

The Nutmeg Career Program is focused on helping students manage their college experience. It is a program whose primary purpose is to provide to students a variety of options when choosing a career path.

The program is structured so that students have an opportunity to align themselves with a career path suitable to their skills, interests and abilities.

The Nutmeg Career Program features:

  • Free career assessment.
  • Personalized career, financial, and academic advising.
  • Access to professional mentors in your field of study.

How does the Nutmeg Career Program work?

  1. Attend a Career Options workshop (optional)
  2. Complete the FOCUS 2 CAREER assessment
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Nutmeg Academic and Career Advisor
  4. Attend workshops
  5. Connect with a mentor

Frequently asked questions:

Who is eligible for the Nutmeg Career Program?

Newly enrolled degree-seeking students, new to Goodwin College or transfer students, with 12 or less transfer credits.

What are the expectations of a Nutmeg Career student?

  • Documentation of attendance at workshops
  • Up to 5 appointments with the Nutmeg Academic and Career Advisor
  • FOCUS 2 CAREER assessment to be fully completed

What is the FOCUS 2 CAREER Assessment?

FOCUS 2 CAREER is a self-guided career planning tool. With the information from FOCUS 2 CAREER, you now have the opportunity to explore the many job possibilities within your major. It gets you focused on thinking how your degree may result in a job that could be satisfying for you!

How do I enroll in a Career Options Workshop?

Career Option Workshops are held throughout the semester. Watch out for workshop dates and times, or contact the Nutmeg Academic and Career Advisor if interested.

How can I enroll into the Nutmeg Career Program?

You can enroll by attending a Career Options Workshop or by scheduling an appointment with the Nutmeg Academic and Career Advisor.

For more information, contact:

Deb Krawiec

Academic and Career Advisor