Career Services

Career Services information for faculty

Faculty and staff can make a big difference in how prepared students are for their future careers. The Career Services team at Goodwin University welcomes the opportunity to partner with faculty and staff. Below are some of the ways we can collaborate.

Request a presentation

The Career Services team can arrange to provide a customized presentation or workshop in-class or to a specific student group on a broad range of topics including résumé writing, job search strategies, networking and interviewing among many others. The Career Services team is also available to present to or meet and greet staff and faculty at departmental or school-wide meetings.

» Request a workshop

Refer your students

Tell your students about the resources that they have access to through the Office of Career Services and encourage them to schedule an appointment.

Attend a workshop or career fair with your class

The Office of Career Services hosts workshops and career fairs throughout the year. Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes to these events. Please ensure that your students are professionally dressed and ready to network and meet with employers and community partners.

Help your students reach their goals

Faculty and staff members can help by talking to students about how important it is to start thinking about their goals after graduation and the options they have for support at Goodwin University.

Consider suggesting that students get involved in a club or community service activity on campus to start building their résumés and professional portfolios.

Promoting campus career fairs and workshops as well as encouraging students to attend, is another way to support students in their professional development.