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Contact Us Today! 800.889.3282

Academic Success Center

Math Lab

The Math Lab provides students with assistance in math and related subjects.

My Math Lab

Math 097 is run out of the Math Lab and has implemented a variation of the flipped classroom called the emporium model. The concept of a flipped classroom is different than a traditional lecture-based classroom where students spend the majority of the class listening to an instructor. With the flipped classroom model, students watch video lectures at home, leaving class time for active learning in the presence of an instructor, tutors and other students.

Math Tutoring

Tutoring is available by appointment or on a walk-in basis and is provided by both professional and peer tutors. Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment.

Statistics Tutoring and Study Sessions

The Math Lab provides the opportunity for students taking statistics classes to join a learning community on a semester basis. The goal is to provide each other with academic and emotional support. Each learning community has a dedicated tutor who is available for tutoring, to answer questions and assist in studying.

Calculator Loan Program

The Calculator Loan Program offers students who are enrolled in college-level math, statistics or science course the opportunity to borrow a calculator for a semester at no cost.

  • Calculators are limited in quantity and are distributed on first come, first served basis.
  • Calculators must be returned on the last day of final exams in the same semester that the calculator was borrowed.
  • Students who do not return calculators within the proper timeframe will be charged $125 for the cost of the TI-83 Plus calculator OR $25 for the cost of the TI-80X.
  • Students who are interested in borrowing a calculator should contact the Library and complete the Calculator Loan Form.
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