Summer Bridge Academy


Headshot of of Sophie Begleiter
Summer Bridge Academy taught me important skills like time management, study tips, and how to network with professionals. I feel more confident in helping others and asking for help from professors. Also, this program taught me that your first major may not fit you. I was going for nursing, but I changed to respiratory care because I felt like I would do better learning a specific area rather than multiple areas. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Summer Bridge!
Sophie Begleiter
Headshot of of Jason Bumbray
Summer Bridge Academy will prepare you for college-level learning. College isn’t easy, and that is why this program helped provide me with a smooth transition into my freshman year of college. I wholeheartedly believe the Summer Bridge Academy gave me the motivation and inspiration to earn a spot on the Dean's List. I have never felt more support from a group of individuals. It was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up!
Jason Bumbray
Headshot of of Amber Lessard
During my time in the Academy, I learned proper time management and organizational skills to prepare for my college career. Goodwin University's Summer Bridge Academy set the foundation for a successful student chapter and aided in being on the President's List. My time in the Summer Bridge Academy taught me the importance of a professional demeanor. I am in the Dental Hygiene program and the Educational Opportunity Program at Goodwin University. The Educational Opportunity Program is a blessing and has made my career dream possible.
Amber Lessard
Headshot of of John Pintavalle
Without Summer Bridge Academy I am not sure how successful I would be post-high school graduation. EOP is a lifesaver and I owe a lot to Nicole, Travis, Ariel, and Ashley for being the biggest support system to me and my sister. My sister is a graduate from EOP and Goodwin as well. She was the first of our family to go to school post-high school. Summer Bridge helped us both navigate the confusing maze that is college with us not having much help from our family.
John Pintavalle
Headshot of of Chaminda Singh
Summer Bridge Academy humbled me, straight out of high school, by pushing my ability to learn to the next level. The Educational Opportunity Program taught me to hold myself to a standard I could not have dreamed of before, one where I'm genuinely proud of my hard-earned accomplishments and not merely content with my undemanding performances in school. Summer Bridge and Early College Programs unlocked potential inside of me that I know will help and carry me throughout my lifetime.
Chaminda Singh