Student Leadership


  • Appreciation Cookout

    Appreciation Cookout

  • Grad Expo

    Grad Expo

  • Vital Voices in Entrepreneurship featuring Stew Leonard Jr.

    Vital Voices in Entrepreneurship featuring Stew Leonard Jr.

  • Community Service at the Jerome Home’s Vegas Night

    Community Service at the Jerome Home’s Vegas Night

  • Denise Dufour-McAvoy volunteering at the Clambake

    Denise Dufour-McAvoy volunteering at the Clambake

  • Desmond Batts with Jeffrey Hoffman of Hoffman Auto Group at the Clambake

    Desmond Batts with Jeffrey Hoffman of Hoffman Auto Group at the Clambake

  • Dragon Boat practice

    Dragon Boat practice

  • New Student Orientation 2014

    New Student Orientation 2014

  • Jets vs Broncos Game

    Jets vs Broncos Game

  • Christmas Deliveries

    Christmas Deliveries

  • Holiday Party

    Holiday Party

  • New Student Orientation 2015

    New Student Orientation 2015

What do some of our Crew members have to say?

Before joining the Crew, I found that I only had acquaintances at Goodwin University. Now, I have dear friends and family.
Lester Castro
Being a part of the Crew has brought so much joy to my college experience. Not only do I get a chance to help others make Goodwin their home, but I have created a lifelong bond with peers that I will hold always hold in my heart.
Destiny Davis
The Crew has been instrumental in my growth. It has provided me with positive experiences though interactions with staff, Board of Trustees, community leaders and other students. I am delighted when I have the opportunity to share and give back, especially to encourage new students as they come aboard the Goodwin ship.
Jenette Davis
The greatest gift of being a member of the Crew is that it offered me an opportunity to work with students, faculty and staff of all ages, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. I treasure my time with all of these people and look forward to each and every volunteer opportunity.
Krislyn Donadio
I came to Goodwin at a difficult time in my life. Because Goodwin provided so much for me, I wanted to give back. Being a part of the Crew helps me do that.
Denise Dufour-McAvoy
Being a part of the Crew has not only provided me with the opportunity to be a better leader, but it has also helped me build relationships inside and outside of the Goodwin University community.
Travis Samuels
The Crew offers its members so many great benefits that others aren’t able to take advantage of. We get to meet and network with well-known professionals, attend exclusive events and influence other students on campus to become leaders.
Asa Strambler
I decided to join the Crew because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. After becoming part of the group, I found myself socializing with more people and partaking in more student activities. It has been such a great experience and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Janelis Santana

What do our employees have to say?

The Crew has been instrumental in welcoming new students to The University. Their positive attitudes and charismatic nature have assisted new students with integrating into the Goodwin University community.
Marrie Ayub, Program Assistant for Student Affairs
Crew members have exhibited such professionalism when volunteering for the Career Services Department. The members truly represent the spirit of Goodwin University and always have high energy.
Patricia Shaw, Director of Career Services
Crew members are wonderful at our fundraising events! They are always eager to help and are great representatives of our Goodwin students when networking with donors.
Karen Gilbert, Assistant Director of Foundation Relations
I can’t praise the Crew members enough. They have become an integral part of our high school and educator visits to Goodwin University as they participate on student panels and conduct campus tours for these groups. They are dependable, professional, and personal and relate well with students and educators of all ages. Our guests have commented so many times as to how impressed they are with the Crew. They are an invaluable group of students.”
Susan Hogan, Academic Community Liaison
The Crew is an exceptional collaboration of staff and students who work to ensure given tasks are carried out in a professional manner. They have assisted me with the annual Thanksgiving drive by delivering food baskets to the community for Goodwin’s Adopt-A-Family program. The families were so grateful of their time.
Angela Skyers, Assistant Dean of Students
The Goodwin University Crew is a special group. I like that it reflects the diversity of students you’ll meet at The University - older, younger, from every program and specialization, ethnically diverse, part time, full time, working, volunteering, tutoring, active in student government, and the list goes on. These are some of the most committed and active students you’ll find on campus. They aren’t afraid to engage any audience, and they have an infectious enthusiasm and passion for The University. They are our best student ambassadors. They love Goodwin, and it shows!
Holly Winters, Director of Advancement