Student Leadership

Leadership Positions

Once a student has decided to begin the leadership journey, the first step would be to get involved as a Goodwin University Crew member. From there, students can choose from the other paths listed based on interests and availability. Students are trained in all areas through the Goodwin University Student Leadership Program.

The Goodwin University Crew

The Goodwin University Crew is a group of committed student volunteers that are passionate about promoting campus life and the benefits of getting involved. The group aims to build connections between students, the campus and the community through leadership and development, civic engagement partnerships and community service. The Crew seeks to cultivate a sense of ownership and pride as well as promote integrity and accountability that will empower students to take an active leadership role in campus life and create lasting change for students and the Goodwin University community. As a Crew member, students will learn the nuts and bolts about the organization, which will help serve them well as they take on more leadership responsibilities and roles at Goodwin University.

Goodwin Guides

Goodwin Guides help the enrollment team and other departments with providing campus tours for potential students and can be asked to speak on various panels about their experiences at Goodwin University.

New Student Orientation Group Leaders

The primary responsibility of New Student Orientation Group Leaders is to facilitate orientation activities designed to get new students excited about joining the Goodwin University community and meeting each other. In this position, students are required to attend all orientation days.

Summer Bridge Academy Peer Mentors

Summer Bridge Academy Peer Mentors work hand-in-hand with the Summer Bridge Academy staff for 7 weeks in the summer (late June-early August) while the Summer Bridge Academy is in session. The program is a 6-week experience open to recent high school graduates. The role of the mentors is to provide peer support, social connectivity and serve as guides in order to ensure a successful transition process for the proceeding fall semester.

Student Club & Organization Leaders

The students who serve as leaders for Goodwin University clubs and organizations are essential members of the student experience. Leaders assist with crafting and developing club activities, meeting schedules and work in collaboration with the club’s faculty/staff advisor.

Student Government Association Officers

Goodwin University’s Student Government Association is a growing body that serves to identify the needs of the student body. The group serves as the liaison between the students and administration. The officers who are elected to those positions serve for two years (6 semesters). The president of the Student Government Association is a non-voting member of Goodwin University’s Board of Trustees.