Student Engagement

Dean’s Council

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The Dean’s Council is comprised of students that are motivated, outgoing, highly involved at Goodwin University and are in superb academic standing. They serve as the representative voice of the Goodwin University student body to the faculty and administration, and are responsible for sharing their thoughts and ideas on University policies, initiatives, and equity and inclusion. They will make decisions that have an impact on the Goodwin University campus as a whole and that are imperative to the success of the University. The Dean’s Council gets the real-world experience of working with administration, staff, the Dean of Students and the President of Goodwin University. Furthermore, the Dean’s Council serves as the liaison between the Goodwin University student body and the Board of Trustees. Students in the Dean’s Council are also present at high-level events when needed.

For more information or to apply to be a part of the Dean’s Council, please contact:

Vanessa Pergolizzi
Student Engagement Manager
  • Phone860-913-2160
  • Email