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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a letter saying I didn’t make SAP. What is this about?

It is very important that you take action after you receive notification that you did not make SAP. The Registrar has flagged you for one or more possible reasons:

  • Your GPA is not high enough
  • Your pace is not at the required level
  • You are in danger of exceeding the maximum time frame

Please refer to the main SAP page to read about the three benchmarks. Then be sure to contact the Academic Progress Office at 860-913-2014 to set up an academic progress meeting as soon as possible. Without taking action, a registration hold will be placed on your Sonisweb account.

What happens at an Academic Progress Meeting?

An academic progress meeting is a supportive, informative opportunity to discuss your record of achievement in a friendly environment.

You will have the chance to discuss your goals and identify any obstacles that might be interfering with your progress. You will learn how the SAP policy affects all Goodwin students, regardless of their financial aid status.

If you have been placed on Academic Warning status, a support plan will be put in place to pinpoint resources that will help you succeed.

If you have been placed on Probation, an individualized plan will be designed specifically for your unique situation.

What will happen if I don’t take part in an academic progress meeting?

A hold will be placed on your account until you tend to this. Goodwin College wants each student to succeed, and we need to ensure that you understand how essential making satisfactory academic progress is to achieving your goals.

I was placed on warning for the current semester. What happens if I can’t meet the standards necessary after grades are posted this semester?

You will lose your financial aid eligibility. The only way to seek to restore your financial aid is to complete an appeal. A letter of appeal is not guaranteed to restore your financial aid.

Please keep in mind that there is a very tight timeline between when you are notified that you did not make SAP for a second time and the deadline to turn in the appeal form. If you think there is a chance that you will not make SAP after being on warning for a semester, please complete the form early and submit it to the Registrar Office.

What happens if my appeal is approved?

If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on Probation. Once on Probation, you will meet with the Academic Progress Coordinator to develop an individualized plan. The plan is a contract that you will need to follow in order to maintain your financial aid and eligibility to earn a degree at Goodwin College. If at any point you are not able to meet the terms of your plan, you may lose your eligibility for financial aid and/or the ability to earn a degree at Goodwin College.

I met with the Academic Progress Coordinator last semester. Why do I have to meet again?

Academic Progress is evaluated at the end of each semester, so each student’s academic standing (status) is subject to change after each evaluation. Academic Standing is updated for each registered student after grades are made official.

Each student will be assigned one of three possible statuses regarding their academic standing:

  • The student has met each of the three benchmarks for SAP, and therefore is in good academic standing.
  • The student has not met one or more of the three benchmarks for SAP and will be placed on Warning for the next semester for which they register.
  • The student has successfully appealed to restore their Financial Aid and have been placed on Probation. Probation may last for more than one semester.

Students may be on Academic Warning for just one semester. If they do not restore their standing by the end of their semester on Academic Warning, they lose eligibility for financial aid. Due to these serious implications, Goodwin College wants to ensure that students are personally notified and given resources to improve their standing. This happens during an academic progress meeting, necessary after a student is placed on Academic Warning or Probation.

How should I write the appeal letter?

Please see the Academic Progress Coordinator for a sample appeal letter. You may also work with the tutors in the Academic Success Center to ensure a polished letter.

I don’t understand why I didn’t make SAP. I got all A’s last semester!

SAP measures your cumulative grade point average. Cumulative means that an average is taken of all of your courses to date. Please read about the three benchmarks carefully so you know exactly how they affect you.

I made the Dean’s List, so how can I be on Warning?

Part of making good academic progress is having a good rate of completion, or "pace." Making the Dean’s List is a wonderful accomplishment in terms of your grade point average, but if you have withdrawn from too many courses, your pace may not be at the required level.

May I email or fax my letter of appeal?

No. An appeal letter is a formal document that must be signed and accompanied by an appeal form. It needs to be turned in to the Registrar Office by noon on the last Thursday prior to a new semester start.