Faculty Senate


  1. The Faculty Senate consists of full-time faculty. Full time faculty consists of Program Directors, Course Curriculum Coordinators and all other full-time, non administrative, faculty. Academic Department Chairs are not considered full time faculty for purposes of the Faculty Senate. Adjunct Faculty and others with faculty status who are not full time faculty are invited to attend Senate meetings as non-voting members. All full time faculty, as defined above, are voting members of the Faculty Senate. It is expected that all full-time faculty attend and participate in every meeting as indicated in the faculty employment agreement. If a full time faculty member cannot attend a meeting of the Faculty Senate, he or she should notify the Chair and Secretary of the Senate. A separation from the College or any other change from full-time faculty status will be considered resignation from the Senate.
  2. A Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary will be elected each September for a one-year term and will be considered to be the Officers of the Faculty Senate. The election will take place at the September meeting of the Faculty Senate set by the Chair. Balloting procedures will be determined by the Senate in advance of the election of Officers. Senate Officers must meet the requirements of voting Senate membership. A Faculty Senate Officer will be allowed to serve in the same Office for a limit of 3 years in any 4 year period. Should a separation of a Faculty Senate Officer occur, the Senate will elect a new Officer to fill the rest of the departing Officer’s term. For election purposes, an Officer that serves any part of a term will be considered as if the entire term has been served. The Senate reserves the right to remove an Officer for neglect of duty, misconduct or other concerns that the Senate may deem necessary. The removal of an Officer, however, may only take place with 50% +1 of the voting Senate Membership approving. The Officer in question will have 60 days after the vote to consider removal, to convince the Senate why he or she should not be removed before the Senate may vote for removal from office. During said time, the Officer will retain all of his or her authority, rights, duties, and responsibilities that are assigned to his or her Office. The Officer in question may not be present at the vote for removal. If the Chairperson is considered for removal, the Vice Chairperson will preside over the vote. For other Officers, the Chairperson will preside.
  3. Times and dates of Faculty Senate meetings will be set by the Chair. The Senate will meet approximately once every eight weeks and other times at the discretion of the Chair. A one-week notice of an unscheduled meeting will be required.
  4. The agenda will be sent to members or posted on BlackBoard one week prior to meetings. Any topic to be placed on the agenda should be submitted in writing to the Secretary within two weeks of a scheduled meeting. Topics must be relevant to the business of the Senate. All non-members may address the Senate in open-session only. The Senate will hold open session only by submitting a request to the Chair one week prior to the meeting. The Senate will hold open session for 20 minutes at the second meeting of the semester. Extension of open session time may be granted by the Chair.
  5. The Senate will discuss and vote on proposals using parliamentary procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order. A copy of the Robert’s Rules of Order is in the Goodwin College Library for reference.
  6. Voting on proposals will be conducted by voice, hand, ballot or electronic submission. A majority of those present is needed for a vote to pass.
  7. This Constitution requires a 50%+1 affirmative vote of voting members present to pass. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed at any regularly scheduled meeting, provided appropriate procedures are followed, but require a 50%+1 affirmative vote of voting members present to pass.
  8. Ad-hoc committees will be formed as needed at the Senate’s discretion.