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Faculty Senate

Committee Chairs
Committee chairs will be appointed by the Senate with the potential chair’s consent. The Committee chair will be responsible for representing the committee and report on its behalf to the Faculty Senate. Committee chairs are solely responsible for setting meeting times of their respective committees, keeping attendance and accurate minutes of meetings. Should a Committee chair resign from the College or change from full-time status, a new Committee chair will be appointed by the Senate. In the absence of a committee chair, a member of said committee will report to the Senate on the Committee’s activities. Committee chairs and faculty member committee assignments will be reviewed annually, at the time of election of officers, and may change at the discretion of the Senate.


All committees are subunits of the Senate and are under its authority. No committee or committee chair may take any action, except those actions authorized in this Constitution, without the consent of the Senate. New committees may be formed at the discretion of the Senate. Committees may be disbanded at the Senate’s discretion. The Senate may form Ad-hoc committees as it sees fit to address issues of concern. The formation and dissolution of ad-hoc committees requires a majority vote by those present when the vote is taken.

  1. The Faculty Senate will nominate and appoint faculty representatives to Tier I committees as the College requests. Only these Senate appointed faculty members will be recognized as official faculty representatives to these committees. These representatives will assume the responsibility to faithfully represent the Faculty Senate and act as a liaison between the Tier I committees and the Faculty Senate.
  2. The Senate will create and maintain a Permanent Committee to act as a liaison to adjunct faculty members.

Adjunct Faculty Committee

Mission:To advance efforts that fully integrate adjunct faculty into the campus community.
  • Manage the award of professional development funds among part-time faculty to help them enhance course content and to maintain a high quality of instruction.
  • Organize a yearly summer event that provides part-time faculty an opportunity to learn more about college programs and services and to network with colleagues.

Faculty Recognition Committee

Mission:To recognize and raise awareness of faculty endeavors that advance the college’s mission and purposes.
  • Maintain the Faculty Accomplishments Wall that acknowledges the diversity of faculty accomplishments related to teaching, service, and scholarship across departments and academic rank
  • Organize the Annual Fall Faculty Reception that promotes professional growth through networking, information sharing, celebration and a spirit of collegiality across departments and programs.