Faculty Senate


Executive Commitee

Purpose: To oversee the committees and agendas of Senate and to collaborate with administration on Senate initiatives.

Phil Fox (president)
Lisa Wisniewski (vice-president)
Annjanette Bennar (secretary)
Vivienne Friday (member at large)
Michelle Dent (member at large)

Works in Progress: Membership drive to increase faculty participation in Senate.

Meeting times: By invitation of Faculty Senate President only.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitee

Purpose: To provide guidance, recommendations, and workshops on DEI in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. As noted in parenthesis, some members of this committee serve on the Goodwin University DEI Steering Commitee, too.

Phil Fox (chair, DEI Steering Commitee Member)
Brittney Yancy (DEI Steering Committee Member)
Nicole Miller (DEI Steering Committee Member)
Michelle Dent
Marcie Stock

UB DEI Faculty Guests: Susan Ferency, Elizabeth Fles, Navarun Gupta, Prabir Patra, Fredrick Dombrowski, Jani Pallis, Claude Mayo, Katsuhiro Kita, Marlene St. Juste

Works in Progress: Book Talk at UB, All-Faculty DEI Conference at Goodwin scheduled for May 2022.

Meeting times: All Goodwin employees are welcome. Please contact chair.

Promotion Commitee

Purpose: To oversee the review of faculty promotion portfolios and provide a recommendation for promotion to university administration.

Matt Connell (chair)
Ellen Swider (co-chair)
Kelli Goodkowsky
Jayanti Roy
Vita Vernace
Annjanette Bennar
John Kania

Works in Progress: Streamlining the promotion process by making sure promotion language is accurate and consistent.

Meeting times: Unpublished due to committee procedures and confidentiality.

Performance Evaluation Commitee

Purpose: In collaboration with Academic Leadership, to revise the faculty performance evaluation process with objectivity and simplicity in mind.

Vivienne Friday (chair)
Leslie Harris
Peter Santago
Susan Boafo-Arthur
Annjanette Bennar

Works in Progress: The Faculty Performance Evaluation System.

Meeting times: The last Monday of every month from 1-2pm. Senate members are welcome. Please contact chair.

Faculty Recognition Commitee

Purpose: To collaborate and recognize faculty at Goodwin University.

Yvette Onye (chair)
Vita Vernace
Leslie Harris
Cynthia Murphy
Robin Cournoyer
Lisa Wisniewski
Michele Vallee

Works in Progress: Faculty Wall, Faculty Annual Gathering, Faculty Goodwin Masks, Faculty Awards, Faculty Recognition Newsletter.

Meeting times: Senate members are welcome. Please contact chair.

Starfish Commitee

Purpose: To provide faculty perspective in the operation and management of Starfish retention system.

Ellen Swider (chair)
Phil Fox
Pam Walker
Vita Vernace
Annjanette Bennar
Lisa Wisniewski

Works in Progress: Revising Starfish email templates for tone, clarity, and consistency.

Meeting times: Senate members are welcome. Please contact chair.

Nominating Commitee

Purpose: To arbitrate Senate officer elections and maintain the integrity of ballot and election processes.

Kim Reese (chair)
Mike Rotondo
Marcie Stock
Vita Vernace
Ashika Brinkley

Works in Progress: Upcoming President and Member-at-Large elections in August 2021.

Meeting times: Senate members are welcome. Please contact chair.

Sabbatical Commitee

Purpose: To provide faculty perspective and recommendation on sabbatical applications.

work in progress

Works in Progress: in progress

Meeting times: Senate members are welcome. Please contact Faculty Senate President.