Faculty Senate Procedures


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets once at least once in-between scheduled Senate meetings.


The President collects website updates (e.g., meeting dates, times, etc.) and forwards them to the marketing and communication’s department at least once a semester.


The secretary ensures that the agenda, minutes and any handouts from the open Faculty Senate meeting are stored on SharePoint.

Tier I Academic Affairs Committee

The mission of the Tier I Academic Affairs committee is to facilitate academic consistency across the Goodwin University curriculum. The committee reviews all interdepartmental policies, substantive changes to the department curriculum (e.g., new courses, prerequisite changes, etc.), reviews new programs and other recommendations from Tier I committees.

The committee has 21 members (with the majority of the members having faculty status).

  • The President of Faculty Senate is a permanent member whose rotation coincides with the senate elections.
  • The other faculty members serve two year terms, and their rotation also coincides with Senate Elections.
  • The President officially appoints the faculty to the Academic Affairs Committee and informs the Chair of Academic Affairs so that they can be added to the membership lists, etc.
  • These representatives assume the responsibility to faithfully represent the Faculty Senate and act as a liaison between the Tier I committee and the Faculty Senate.

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