WISE Students Benefit from Experimental Psychologist Workshop

On October 27, Goodwin College’s WISE (Women Invested in Securing an Education) program met with Francia Morhardt-Smith, an experimental psychologist with more than 30 years’ experience creating and leading innovative programs in customer service and human resources. She is one of only twelve women to be named Vice President of Consumer Affairs & Consumer Advocate in the United States Postal Service’s 250-year history. Morhardt-Smith’s unique gift is creating focused ways to channel individual and organizational energy to produce effective and timely results.

During her visit to Goodwin, Morhardt-Smith conducted a workshop built around a unique process called “The Game of 3.” The WISE students created a 360-degree view of themselves: their unique brand adjectives, the flip side of those adjectives (their weaknesses), and the behavioral levers that keep them in balance. At the end of the workshop, the students had created their own brand identity, a tool that they can use as they build their professional career network.

The participants had positive comments about their experience at the workshop:

Brittaney Wittenzellner: “My three strengths are considerate, organize, responsible. I liked that [Morhardt-Smith] made us think deeper of our strengths that were more personal to us. I liked that she included everyone in the activity and gave us the opportunity to share and bond with [each other].”

Destiny Davis: “I loved the energy that she brought to the table — tons of excitement that spread throughout the group. I learned a lot from the activity. What I liked most was that she was able to turn our negatives into positives.”

Tianna Ferguson: “She was very interesting, outgoing, and full of energy. Her session got me thinking about my future. She gave me the ability to begin to know myself as an individual.”

Ashley Charles: “Francia helped us look deep into our potential and find an exact way to use words to define ourselves best to potential employers.”