Counseling Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Counseling Services at Goodwin University. If you have additional questions that are not covered in this website, please contact the counselor at 860‑913‑2159.

  • Students who are enrolled in courses for the current semester
  • Students residing in Goodwin University's Emergency Housing
  • Immediate family members of Goodwin students, who meet the above stated eligibility, are also eligible for short term services. This often will alleviate some stress, while the counselor conducts a proper assessment and links the immediate family member to appropriate services. (Sessions are limited and based on the counselor’s availability)
  • Faculty and staff seeking referrals/immediate crisis intervention/and to assist in connecting them to a counselor who specializes in the area of their need(s) through the Employee Assistance Program. (Faculty and staff are offered 1 session with the counselor)

To make an appointment, contact

Lisa Mooney, LMFT
Counseling Center Director
  • Phone860-913-2159
  • Email
Bobbie Chakraborty, LMFTA, MS
Counseling Case Manager
  • Phone860-913-2089
  • Email
Mari Sullivan, LCSW
  • Phone860-727-6925
  • Email