What We Do

conference table in the CTE

The Center for Teaching Excellence at Goodwin University plays a crucial role in promoting and facilitating excellence in teaching and learning. Through its various programs, services, and a commitment to continuous improvement, it helps educators create positive and effective learning environments for students.

  1. Engage with faculty through programs, events, and workshops to foster teaching innovation, and promote student learning and engagement in the classroom or online environment.
  2. Facilitate training for instructors on diverse educational technology applications, fostering techniques for adult learners.
  3. Offer professional learning opportunities, educational technology applications, practical resources, and technical assistance in support of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).
  4. Promote an optimal environment for learning which encourages engagement, authenticity, inclusion, and respect in all modalities (ie. On-ground, online synchronous and asynchronous).
  5. Provide support for programs specific to a department or school upon request and in consultation with the partnering group.