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Jean Farber, Nursing, Class of 2005

Registered Nurse

Goodwin College has helped me open doors that I would not have been able to open on my own. Prior to achieving my Associate in Nursing degree, I raised three children and worked in a pediatric office. I did not have any certifications. I went from being a mom to a registered nurse all because of Goodwin!

Joanne Field, Nursing, Class of 2006

Registered Nurse

My clinical experience on a pediatric floor at The Hospital for Special Care was especially memorable to me because it gave me the confidence to dabble in pediatric nursing. Now, for the past 2 ½ years, I have been working as a pediatric homecare nurse and I can definitely say that it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I can relate to the families because I know what it feels like to have a child born with a significant disability. My daughter, now grown up, was born with spina bifida.

Lori Tripp Jacinto, Nursing, Class of 2011

Registered Nurse

My experience at Goodwin College has changed my life. I am grateful every day that I can go to work at a job that I love, and I am privileged to use the skills I acquired and the confidence I gained during my time at Goodwin to make a difference in the lives of my patients.

Justin Rearick, Respiratory Care, Class of 2009

Respiratory Therapist

Goodwin has provided me with an educational foundation needed for me to excel in the Respiratory Care field as well as with a stable career. Most importantly, though, Goodwin has provided me with the realization that I am finally doing something that I was meant to do.

Dana Tellier, Medical Assisting, Class of 2011

Medical Assistant

The one thing that stands out to me the most about Goodwin College is how difficult it is to fail. Everyone at the College wants to see students succeed and they do everything they can to make it happen. Because of my education at Goodwin and the help of my professors and career counselors, I was able to get a position as a medical assistant even before I graduated.

Joanna Zackery, Human Services, Class of 2011

Director of Membership and Marketing Services

Goodwin College is an agent of positive change. It is a college that embraces all kinds of diversity. The inclusiveness that Goodwin College fosters is vitally important to any educational institution.

Sarah Bradbury, Nursing, Class of 2009

Registered Nurse in Emergency Room Trauma Center

I am so impressed at how successful and large Goodwin has become. It has reached out to so many different students with so many different career interests. The community outreach that Goodwin has provided is something to be proud of.

Cindy Bullah, Business Administration, Class of 2011

Business Owner/Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, my mind is always full of ideas on how to make my business better. With the education I received at Goodwin, I gained the confidence and knowledge I needed to turn these ideas into reality.

Edward Casares, Homeland Security, Class of 2009

Hartford Fire Department Chief

I spent two years visiting various college campuses. When I noticed that Goodwin offered a Homeland Security program, I ventured over to the college. Everyone I came in contact with was sincere, friendly and enthusiastic. I made my decision to attend Goodwin before I left. Today, I know I made the right choice. It really is different here.

Stefanie Ferrera, Nursing, Class of 2007

Registered Nurse

After I graduated, I applied to several hospitals and every single one offered me a position. I did not have to settle. I was able to work wherever I wanted. In 2010, I received the Florence Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing after only three years of working in the field. My success was due to the amazing education and professors I was lucky enough to have at Goodwin.

Tracey A.C. Young, Nursing, Class of 2010

Registered Nurse in Orthopedics and Spine

The thought of becoming a college student again after nearly 30 years was scary, but Goodwin offered the curriculum I needed, and the setting was intimate enough for me to not feel overwhelmed. The decision to attend Goodwin has left me without regret to this day.

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