8 Alumni Association Benefits & Services | Goodwin College

Alumni Association

Benefits & Services

The Alumni Association strives to guarantee that graduates continue to feel welcome as members of the Goodwin College community. All Goodwin College alumni are eligible to take advantage of the following benefits and services:

Alumni course auditing program

The Alumni Course Auditing Program gives Goodwin College alumni the benefit of attending Goodwin College courses on a no-credit basis.

Lifetime access to the Hoffman Family Library

Goodwin College's Hoffman Family Library includes books, journals and access to computers. Alumni are always welcome to visit and use the physical resources in the the library.

Lifetime assistance from the Career Services Department

Goodwin College's Career Services Department provides resume and cover letter assistance, job search resources and more.

Banking and financial services

Goodwin College alumni are eligible to join First New England Federal Credit Union. First New England also offers financial seminars to non-members. Call 860‑282‑0001 for more information.

Alumni scholarships

If you have received a degree or certificate from Goodwin College, you may be eligible for a scholarship, tuition reduction or institutional grant to continue your education at Goodwin College.

  • Invitations to college and alumni events
  • Chance to receive an alumni award
  • Subscription to the Goodwin Magazine

Navigator Discount Program

We know that life can get expensive, and we want to help you save money wherever we can. That’s why we have partnered with local businesses to offer discounts to Goodwin College students, alumni and employees.