Graduate Gift Program

Congratulations Class of 2019!

Congratulations on your graduation! We cannot express how proud we are of you and your accomplishments.

As your class begins to make the transition from Goodwin students to alumni, we are looking to each of you to start a tradition of giving to support the Goodwin College Foundation and student scholarships. The legacy that you leave behind will help the next generation of Navigators.

We invite you to leave your mark on the campus by supporting the 2019 graduate gift program with a donation of $20.19 today in honor of your graduating class!

Every donation truly matters!


Why Give?

  • To honor what you love about Goodwin College - that professor, that class, that student activity, that friendship-that changed your life forever.
  • To commemorate the years you spent at Goodwin College that have brought you so far.
  • To keep Goodwin College a top school, which can only help you as you begin your professional life in today' s competitive world.
  • To lead the way for future Navigators and to ensure that their experiences will be just as great as yours have been.
  • With your participation, you will give future students the opportunity to be where you are today - on their way to graduation!