AccessAbility Services

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a student accessing the Office of AccessAbility Services, it is important to understand your rights with regards to your accommodations as well as your responsibilities.

  • It is your right to have your disability kept confidential as the law allows. The Office of AccessAbility Services will not share information regarding your disability with any faculty, staff, parent, or other entities unless you have completed a Release of Information and given permission to do so or there is an explicit need to know.
  • It is your right to have your approved accommodations provided to you free of charge, as mandated in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Office of AccessAbility Services will never charge you for your classroom accommodations.
  • It is your right to request adjustments to your accommodations. All requests will be reviewed by the AccessAbility Services Coordinator and approved, as appropriate, in order to ensure equal access.
  • It is your right to choose which instructors your accommodation letter is sent to. You may not need all accommodations for every class, but any professor that you will need an accommodation from must have a copy of your accommodation letter.
  • It is your right to access the process of Grievances as outlined in the Student Catalog.

Information adapted from The University of Texas at Austin, Services for Students with Disabilities.