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Community Garden


A few members of the Community Garden spoke out about their gratitude and positive experiences.

Karen Logan, member of the Community Garden and employee at Goodwin College, has many gardens at home, but she is not able to grow vegetables because her yard doesn’t get enough light. She grew up on a farm and had been looking for a place to grow fresh produce. “It’s so beautiful and amazing." Karen believes it gives people a place to work together and brings positive thoughts to the community. "I appreciate that Goodwin provided this opportunity. Sandy and everyone involved put so much effort into organizing to give us fellow gardeners a place to put down roots.”

Kelley Falvey, a Social Studies teacher at the Connecticut River Academy, became interested in the Community Garden because she lives in an apartment and doesn’t have the option to garden. Being a part of the Community Garden “makes everyone feels welcome”. Kelley added: "People are always willing to help. They want to see people enjoy being a part of the Community Garden."

James Lacey, an environmental studies student at Goodwin College, had never had a garden before becoming a member of the Community Garden. He was interested in doing an experimental compost project for the school and learning more about gardening.

Roger Bousquet, resident of East Hartford and employee of Pratt and Whitney, used to grow vegetables and flowers in his dad’s backyard when he was young. Roger also used to work in agriculture on tobacco farms. He lives in a condo and misses vegetable gardening. “I’m not new to gardening so this was just like home. I like the fact that people can interact and get more involved."