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About the Garden

The Goodwin College Community Garden is a place for people to relax and enjoy gardening. Goodwin purchased land at 349 and 351 Main Street in East Hartford, CT and transformed it into an area for gardening. The Community Garden is ideal for people who live in apartments or condos and aren’t able to have a garden of their own. The garden gives them the opportunity to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. “It’s important that the gardeners feel like it’s their own,” said Sandy Pearce, the college’s Webmaster who spearheaded the project. Sandy’s passion for gardening inspired her to contact President Mark Scheinberg for his approval.

There are 55 eight-by-eight-foot plots on the premises. Gardeners can use trellises if they wish to grow produce vertically and they can add their own decorative touches. There are water/hoses and a toolshed with garden tools that the gardeners can use while tending their plot. There is also a compost pile that gardeners can add to. The plots are available to students, faculty, staff, and people from the community. Three plots have been built higher, making them easily handicap accessible. There is also a plot for young children to play in while their parents enjoy gardening.

Last year UConn Master Gardeners came to offer tips/help, answer questions, and teach. They will be back again this year to offer their knowledge once again. To learn more about which vegetables grow well together click here.

Sandy Pearce and Dan Bonacum (Goodwin Database Administrator), put together 10 hanging gutter gardens and planted about 10 different kinds of herbs for fellow gardeners to take. Gutter gardens are conducive to those who don’t have much space to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables. They are an inventive way to take advantage of vertical space. To learn how to make a modern gutter garden click here. (source: Lowes).

Two garden members, one from the community and one faculty member, donated their harvest to the school’s Foodshare program. Almost 200 pounds were donated last year and they hope to donate just as much, if not more, this year.

The garden is meant to provide people the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce, learn about gardening, and take up a fun hobby. To read a few testimonials from members of the Community Garden click here.

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