Administration, Faculty, and Staff

President’s Senior Cabinet members

Mark E. Scheinberg, President

Todd Andrews, Senior Vice President for Economic and Strategic Development

Ann Clark, Provost Emerita

Robert M. DeCrecenzo, General Counsel

Bryant Harrell, Sr., Senior Vice President for Physical Facilities, Information Technology & Security

Salvator Menzo, Superintendent of Goodwin University Magnet Schools

Edwin Meyer, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Noonan, Senior Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Communications

Michael Pardales, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Melissa Quinlan, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Jean White, Senior Vice President for Human Resources & Community Culture

President’s Cabinet members

Vivienne Friday, Chief Nurse and Dean of Nursing and Health Professions

Diana LaRocco, Associate Provost for Learning and Teaching / Dean of SALASS

Nicholas Lentino, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment

Kim McGinnis, Dean of Students

Clifford Thermer, Assistant Vice President for Strategy and Business Development and Dean of the School of Business, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing

Sandra Ward, Assistant Vice President for Advancement

Academic Advising

Kaitlyn Pflaum, Director of Academic Advising

Natalia Klos, Academic Advisor

Ebony Minott, Academic Advisor

Angelica Ortiz, Administrative Assistant

Maira Pantoja, Academic Advisor

Haley Pollinger, Academic Advisor

Janae Sims, Academic Advisor

Patricia Slater, Academic Advisor

Nakia Washington, Senior Academic Advisor

Adjunct faculty

Elizabeth Acevedo, Instructor

Daniel Agyemang, Instructor

Zahid Ahmed, Instructor

Ann Allen, Clinical Instructor

Thomas Allen, Clinical Instructor

Nancy Antell, Clinical Instructor

Dennis Aptaker, Instructor

Samantha Arwood, Clinical Instructor

Diane Ashman, Clinical Instructor

Steven Autieri, Instructor

Edward Azzaro, Instructor

Christopher Bachand, Instructor

Milagros Baez, Clinical Instructor

Shaina Barr, Clinical Instructor

Stephanie Bauer, Clinical Instructor

Nathan Bauer, Instructor

Melanie Bent, Clinical Instructor

Peter Berardi, Instructor

Cassandra Bickel, Clinical Instructor

Dawn Blake-Holmes, Clinical Instructor

Alison Blum, Instructor

Kathleen Bolduc, Instructor

Evelyn Bollert, Instructor

Vanessa Bolling, Instructor

Tanya Bourne, Clinical Instructor

Paula Bowley, Clinical Instructor

Beth Boyd, Instructor

Melanie Cama, Clinical Instructor

Christina Carbone, Clinical Instructor

Krystal Cardenas, Clinical Instructor

Benealia Carter, Instructor

Nicole Caruso, Clinical Instructor

Jeffrey Catlett, Instructor

Sabine Cayo-Saylor, Instructor

David Charron, Instructor

Danielle Chase, Clinical Instructor

Danielle Chenard, Instructor

Nicholas Chhoeun, Instructor

Gretchen Cianciola, Clinical Instructor

Mary Cirone, Clinical Instructor

Stephen Civitelli, Instructor

Erin Clark, Instructor

Douglas Clarke, Instructor

Rachel Cohen, Clinical Instructor

Scott Colman, Clinical Instructor

Sean Congdon, Instructor

Matthew Connell, Instructor

Karen Contorno, Instructor

Robert Cote, Instructor

Katherine Cremins Damiano, Instructor

Gabrielle Cyr, Instructor

Ashley Dagostino, Clinical Instructor

Jean Daniel, Clinical Instructor

Ashley Davila-Marquez, Instructor

Jeffrey Delacruz, Clinical Instructor

Monica DePaolo, Clinical Instructor

Frank DiCapua, Instructor

Kathleen Dichello, Instructor

Jennifer Dickman, Instructor

Anastasia Difedele-Dutton, Instructor

Donato Digenova, Instructor

Patricia Dixon, Clinical Instructor

Kettlyne Dominique, Clinical Instructor

Cheryl Dow, Instructor

Wendy Duke, Instructor

Christopher Dutton, Instructor

Andrea Echevarria, Clinical Instructor

Sharon Efron, Clinical Instructor

Catherine Erik-Soussi, Instructor

Iva Ervin-Stanberry, Instructor

German Escudero, Instructor

Carmen Evans, Clinical Instructor

Anna Figueroa, Clinical Instructor

Ann Finateri-Laist, Instructor

Jessica Fitzgerald, Instructor

Diana Flebeau, Clinical Instructor

Janice Flynn, Clinical Instructor

Donna Fogelson, Instructor

Jessica Fraga, Instructor

Richard Fritz, Instructor

Nikolaos Galiatsatos, Instructor

Nicol Gattuso, Instructor

Debra Jean Glover, Instructor

Noah Goldsher, Instructor

Evan Gorelick, Instructor

Debbie Gould, Clinical Instructor

Elbert Gray, Instructor

Joshua Greene, Instructor

Sharon Greenough, Clinical Instructor

Richmond Gyamfi, Instructor

Thomas Hahn, Instructor

Chrystal Hale, Instructor

Alesha Harris, Instructor

Kathleen Heim, Clinical Instructor

Mary Helming, Associate Professor

Dana Herbert, Instructor

Jennifer Hirschberg-Wise, Instructor

Thais Hochdorfer, Clinical Instructor

Daniel Hooley, Instructor

Judith Howell-Smith, Clinical Instructor

Jennifer Howlett, Instructor

Tiffany Hoxie, Instructor

Michael Jaffe, Instructor

Jennifer Jaksina Kumnick, Instructor

Marion James, Clinical Instructor

Gary Jameson, Instructor

Patricia Jean Baptiste, Instructor

Heather Jimenez, Instructor

Lauren Kelley, Clinical Instructor

Vishnu Khade, Instructor

Gina Kiner, Clinical Instructor

Kateri Klesyk, Clinical Instructor

Edward Kobylanski, Instructor

Bujar Konjusha, Instructor

Stephanie Kubisek, Instructor

Kara Kurtz, Instructor

Keilan LaBranche, Clinical Instructor

Savanna Lamas, Instructor

Janet Landry, Clinical Instructor

Paul LaRocca, Instructor

Jasmine Law, Instructor

Christine Leffler, Clinical Instructor

Jennifer Lentino, Instructor

Ryann Leonard, Instructor

Maureen Leone, Instructor

Dongsheng Li, Instructor

Joanne Libano, Clinical Instructor

Caroline Lieber, Instructor

Valerie Ling, Clinical Instructor

Kayla Lockwood, Clinical Instructor

Sheleigh Lovejoy, Clinical Instructor

Gilbert Maffeo Iii, Instructor

Jason Malli, Instructor

Shannon Mardin, Clinical Instructor

Roger Martinez-Alcaz, Instructor

Theresa Martins, Instructor

Claude Mayo, Instructor

Lisa Mazzaro, Instructor

Edward McAndrews, Instructor

Gregory McCarty, Instructor

Martina McCrory, Instructor

Robbin McGinnis, Clinical Instructor

Nora McHugh, Instructor

Keven McNeill, Instructor

Adam Mikiewicz, Clinical Instructor

Ashley Mills, Clinical Instructor

Nutan Mishra, Instructor

Michelle Moeller, Clinical Instructor

Megan Monahan, Instructor

Hannah Monahan, Instructor

Creedance Mongillo, Clinical Instructor

Carrie Montesanto, Instructor

Tara Mooney, Instructor

Nicole Morales, Clinical Instructor

Jocelyn Mullins, Instructor

Holly Mulrenan, Instructor

Jennifer Napoli, Clinical Instructor

Kristin Natali, Clinical Instructor

Vicky Navaroli, Instructor

Sally Ngoh, Instructor

Flavie Noel, Instructor

Tricia Nyarkoh, Clinical Instructor

Nathaniel O Day, Instructor

Chelsea Peck, Clinical Instructor

Tanya Perkins, Instructor

Cristina Petonito, Clinical Instructor

Heather Pickerign, Clinical Instructor

Danielle Pieratti, Instructor

Leanna Posa, Clinical Instructor

Georgia Powell, Instructor

Arelis Quintana, Clinical Instructor

Candace Ramirez, Clinical Instructor

Kimberly Raymond, Instructor

Justin Rearick, Instructor

Kimberly Reese, Instructor

Nicola Reynolds-Simmonds, Clinical Instructor

Katherine Ricci, Instructor

Victoria Rivera, Instructor

Mark Robinson, Instructor

Alicia Rodriguez, Clinical Instructor

Michael Rollins, Instructor

Andre Rosedale, Instructor

Cassandra Rozanski, Clinical Instructor

Holly Ruiz, Instructor

Angelo Saba Iii, Instructor

Maria Santos, Clinical Instructor

Howard Satinsky, Instructor

Michael Saxton, Instructor

Vince Scacchitti, Instructor

Barbara Scalaro, Instructor

Mark Schoell, Instructor

Kerilee Segovia, Clinical Instructor

Enton Shahollari, Clinical Instructor

Sharon Shenberg, Clinical Instructor

Morgan Shumway, Instructor

Rebecca Sievers, Clinical Instructor

Sarah Silverman, Instructor

Kara Simmers, Instructor

Terrence Simon, Instructor

Zachary Smith, Instructor

Jessica Smith, Instructor

Sarah Snyder, Instructor

Kimberly Sopko, Instructor

Daniel Sorge, Instructor

Allison Sprafke, Clinical Instructor

Stephanie Staffey, Instructor

Tracey Stanlewicz, Clinical Instructor

Wayne Steely, Instructor

Christopher Streeter, Instructor

Megan Sullivan, Clinical Instructor

Gina Tartaglia Alden, Clinical Instructor

Ekaterine Tchelidze, Instructor

Tabia Thompson-Lamothe, Clinical Instructor

Cassandra Tierney, Instructor

Robert Tierney II, Instructor

Michael Torres, Instructor

Jennifer Travers, Clinical Instructor

Lauren Troske, Clinical Instructor

Sherwin Tucker, Instructor

Nicole Turick, Clinical Instructor

Theresa Twum, Clinical Instructor

Heather Veronesi, Instructor

Lindsey Vo, Clinical Instructor

Ashley Wade, Clinical Instructor

Zoey Walker, Instructor

Leonard Walsh, Instructor

Kimberly Wennerberg, Instructor

Heather Wheeler, Instructor

Charles Wilcox, Instructor

Unity Wiles, Clinical Instructor

Nicole Williams, Clinical Instructor

Kate Wilson, Clinical Instructor

Kareen Wilson, Instructor

Mary Winalski, Instructor

Veronica Woodard, Instructor

Michele Young, Clinical Instructor

Michael Zappala, Instructor

Jessica Ziff, Clinical Instructor

Administrative staff

Lisa Bifolck, Executive Assistant

Caroline Carson, Executive Assistant

Natalie Czesak, Senior Administrative Assistant

Susan Johnson, Senior Administrative Assistant

Alyse Marion, Executive Assistant


Nicholas Lentino, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment

Caitlyn Anderson, Admissions Officer

Raeyah Armstrong, ARC Rep

Tikia Brownel, ARC Rep

Zachary Caputo, ARC Rep

Gianna Carbone, Admissions Officer

Ariane Cloutier, Admissions Officer

Jeffrey Currey, SNAP Intake Facilitator

Bobella Daley, Director, Enrollment Services

Andrea Delisser, Associate Director, Admissions

Kelsey Dixon, ARC Supervisor

Lori Jarvis, Admissions Specialist

Emma Jones, Admissions Officer

Mary Lyons, Senior Admissions Officer

Renee Mirmina, Assistant Director, Admissions

Thomas Pisani, Manager, SNAP Program

Ayla Raes, Enrollment Coordinator

Julia Rosado, Senior ARC Rep

Monica Steller, Associate Director, Admissions

Trinitee Williams, Admissions Officer

Anastasia Wilson, Admissions Officer

Applicant Advising

Lynsey Castagna, Applicant Advisor

Jennifer Gibbs, Senior Applicant Advisor

Meghan Lucas, Applicant Advising Manager

Ashley Nafis, Applicant Advisor

Kaila Rivera, Applicant Advisor

Olivia Thompson, Applicant Advisor

Campus Safety & Security

Richard Vibberts, Director, Security

Roberto Gonzalez, First Mate

Chester Johnson, Bus Driver

Bill Keyt, Boat Captain

Nicole Pinkney, Bus Driver

Gerald Tomkiel, Assistant Director, Security

Center for Teaching Excellence

Paula McLean, Coordinator

Karrie Morin, Director

Economic and Strategic Development

Todd Andrews, Senior Vice President, Economic & Strategic Development

Jana Damm, Executive Assistant

Robert DeCrescenzo, General Counsel

Gary Minor, Consultant


Raymond Maselek, Assistant Vice President for Facilities

Frank Almedina, Custodian

Gregory Bouchard, Maintenance Specialist

Jeffrey Burnett, Lead Maintenance Specialist

Denise Camejo, Lead Custodian

Salvatore Cantone, Maintenance Supervisor

Marcus Cicero, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Jordyn Cole, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Fabiola Costa Simoes Venegas, Senior Administrative Assistant

David Creswell, Maintenance Specialist

Andrew Dawson, Maintenance Supervisor

Nicole Duane, Event Coordinator

Elaine Ecabert, Custodian

Keith Farland, Maintenance Specialist

Richard Fromm, Maintenance Specialist

Douglas Gagnon, Fleet Maintenance Technician

Bryant Harrell Jr., Senior Project Manager

Peter Harris, Lead Custodian

Dakota Harvey, Custodian

Scott Higgins, Lead Maintenance Specialist

Gerald Jarvis, Custodian

Matthew Kaminski, Director, Grounds & Fleet Maintenance

Timothy Leblanc, Lead Maintenance Specialist

Kevin Leroux, Director, Custodial Operations

Raymond Majerski, Custodian

Yanna Mateo, Supervisor of Custodial Operations

Antonio Matta, College Architect & Program Manager

Mark McGovern, Director of Campus Planning &Development

James Nargi Jr., Director, Facilities

Luis Pacheco Jr., Supervisor, Grounds

Ronald Paradis, Maintenance Supervisor

Dayton Perez, Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Timothy Perkins, Maintenance Specialist

Roger Plourde, Roving Porter

Luan Qazimi, Custodian

Manola Qazimi, Custodian

Kenneth Roy, Custodian

Raymond Solomson Jr., Project Manager

Mitchell Spencer, Lead Grounds Maintenance Specialist

Joshua Strout, Supervisor, Custodial Operations

John Thibeault, Custodian

Juana Toro, Custodian

Yarlen Veras Infante, Custodian

Juan Villalobos Ulloa, Custodian

Latef Waddell, Maintenance Specialist, Campus Realty

Valencia Williams, Director of Campus Realty & Property Management

Financial Aid

Bonnie Soltz-Knowlton, Assistant Vice President, Financial Aid

Jennifer Burrell, Director, Financial Aid

Ivor Chauca, Financial Aid Counselor

Alexandra Comstock, Financial Aid Counselor

Toniko Cox, Financial Literacy & SAP Manager

Lindsay Demonstranti, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Dominic Discepolo, Financial Aid Counselor

Angela Gaudet, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Jayda Hawley, FWS Coordinator

Georgeta Moarcas, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Geneva Roberts, Financial Aid Counselor

Yasaman Rogers, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Christopher Silvia, Team Lead Financial Aid

Christina Sorano, Financial Aid Supervisor

Finance department

Anthony Ruffo, Director of Finance & Controller

Shee-Keela Edwards, Student Account Specialist

Jaizmyn Eschoe, Student Account Specialist

Robert Gentes, Assistant Director of Finance of Magnet Schools

Brittany Grant, Student Account Specialist

Christie Hary, A/P Analyst

Maura Kjar, Assistant Director of Finance

Mary Ann Lawrence Elcuri, AP Manager

Teresa Jylkka, Senior Director

Patrick Libby, Senior Financial Analyst

Jessica Moise, Student Account Specialist

Jessica Moura, Senior Accountant

Timothy Myers, Student Account Specialist

Niki Rittenhouse, Assistant Director of Business Office

Ronald Rosario, Director of Business Office & Bursar

Edyta Schranz, Staff Accountant

Jahrell Spence, Magnet School Accountant

Nicole Taylor-O Bryan, Senior Student Account Specialist

Julia Witt, A/P Analyst

Full-time faculty

Ebenezer Afarikumah, Program Director

Amy Beauchemin, Associate Professor

Annjanette Bennar, Program Director

Marcine Burey, Clinical & Lab Instructor

Stephen Campbell, Assistant Professor

Ivette Claudio, Course Coordinator

Sandra Coyne-Gilbert, Program Director

Brandon Daily, Assistant Professor

Paul Danese, Associate Professor

Elizabeth Deegan, Clinical Coordinator

Parth Desai, Program Director

Vinod Dhar, Associate Professor

Brian Dixon, Associate Professor

Ethan Dotson-Kelly, Assistant Professor

Ryan Eckles, Instructor

Lisa Fanelli, Program Director

Michael Ferguson, Assistant Professor

Kristin Fries, Course Coordinator

Jesse Gomes, Program Director

John Harris, Assistant Professor

Joy Hart, Clinical Instructor

Bruce Hoffman, Program Director

Shamus Holcomb, Instructor

Jessica Hutchinson, Course Coordinator

John Kania, Associate Professor

Reza Kazem Sharif Sharifi, Assistant Professor

Tracy Kemp, Practicum Coordinator

Ashley Kovalik, Director

Ellen Kraemer, Clinical Instructor

Katherine Krivanec, Field Coordinator

Natalie LaFreniere, Clinical Coordinator

Francis Lamagna, Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Lane, Program Director

Diana LaRocco, Associate Provost for Learning & Teaching & Dean of SALASS

Robert Legary, Jr., Program Director

John Levesque, Assistant Professor

Michael Litke, Assistant Professor

Robert Majewski, Instructor

Zuleyka Maldonado, Program Director

Rachel Maraio-Jameson, Assistant Professor

Moriah Maresh, Assistant Professor

Susan Martin, Clinical Instructor

Heather Massicotte, Program Director

Austin McCaslin, Assistant Professor

Bruce Morton, Program Director

Susan Mulligan, Assistant Professor

Cynthia Murphy, Program Director

Michael Murphy, Program Director

Petra Mursch, Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Normand, Lab Coordinator & Assistant Professor

Russell Ogden, Instructor

Stephanie Ollie, Laboratory Coordinator

Leticia Orozco, Assistant Professor & Collaboration Coordinator

Rafael Oses, Assistant Professor

Susanne Paulette, Assistant Professor

Michelle Pompano, Course Coordinator

Jacob Poppel, Instructor

Amanda Portelance, Assistant Professor

Lori Purcell, Assistant Professor

Jayanti Roy, Course Coordinator

Christopher Ryan, Assistant Professor

Jason Sagaci, Assistant Professor

Mary Salisbury, Program Director

Peter Santago, Assistant Professor

Cynthia Seiwert, Associate Professor

Robin Shahverdian, Assistant Professor

Marcie Stock, Assistant Professor

Ellen Swider, Program Director

Marquita Taylor, Assistant Professor

Charles Thermer, Program Director

Karyn Therrien, Program Director

David Turner, Assistant Professor

Michele Vallee, Assistant Professor

Vita Vernace, Associate Professor

AJ Wade, Instructor

Pamela Walker, Associate Professor

Christine Walsh, Program Director

Aimee Watts, Clinical Instructor

Tamara Webb, Program Director

Lisa Wisniewski, Associate Professor

Robin Young Cournoyer, Associate Professor

Kyle Zachary, Assistant Professor

Goodwin Foundation

Kristen Foster, Alumni & Events Coordinator

Jade Stoltz, Director of Development

Human Resources

Jean White, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Community Culture

Terry W. Antoine, Senior Director, Human Resources & Community Culture

Win Min Eaindra, Guest Services Representative

Meredith Hartnett, Guest Services Representative

Larisa Kowaleski, Recruiting Assistant

Lori Loening, Director of Payroll & Compensation

Lauryn McGill, Title IX & Equity Assistant

Nicole Miller, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

Alden Minick, Director of Title IX & Equity Compliance

Meghan Murphy, HR Operations Analyst

Shanya Muschett, Guest Services Representative

Leah Peters, Human Resource Manager

Natasha Shekar, Executive Assistant

Information Technology

John Ruggirello, Senior Director, IT

Barbara Astacio, Desktop Technician

James Cudo, Desktop Technician

Braulio Fernandez, Help Desk Specialist

Sean Hayes, Help Desk Specialist

Tymofii Kryvoruchko, Help Desk Specialist

Piotr Krzemien, Assistant Director, IT

Christian Lorenzana, Systems Administrator

Wojciech Magiera, Systems Administrator

Daniel Paolino, Help Desk Specialist

Zachary Rheault, Help Desk Specialist

Jose Romero, Help Desk Specialist

Julian Santiago, Application Specialist

Krishan Verma, Senior Network Administrator

Damion Williams, Network Administrator

Robert Wilson, Senior Systems Administrator

Institutional Advancement

Sandra Ward, Assistant Vice President for Advancement

Kristin Brisbon, Director, Grants

Heidi Carlson, Senior Grants Officer

Amy Rodriguez, Grants Officer

Derek Santiago, Grants Officer

Michelle Strawder, Senior Grants Officer & Magnet School Grants Coordinator

Melissa Tremblay, Grants and Foundation Associate

Institutional Effectiveness

Melissa Quinlan, Vice President, Institutional Research

Stephen Fasciano, Director of Assessment & Program Evaluation

Anastasiya Korshykava, Senior Research Analyst

Grace Libby, Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Madison Yates, Program Development Coordinator


Scott Hughes, Director, Library

Patricia Albers, Professional Tutor

Michael Bailey, Professional Tutor

Elizabeth Brown, Professional Tutor

Jennifer Carter, Professional Tutor

Megan Ciccarello, Librarian I - Technical Services

Ryan Corthouts, Professional Tutor

Derek Garner, Professional Tutor

Tori Hicks, ASC Coordinator

Cynthia Hunt, Assistant Director of Library

Fekrije Konjusha, Professional Tutor

Adrienne Mantegna, Professional Tutor

Gail Mauthe, Professional Tutor

Delano Paul, Professional Tutor

Natasha Progonati, Professional Tutor

Elena Schnerr, Librarian I Reference

Rodcliffe Wint, Professional Tutor

Sarah Zogu, Professional Tutor

Magnet Schools

Salvatore Menzo, Superintendent of Goodwin Magnet Schools

Karen Baldwin, Interim Director, CTRA Middle Grades

Aisha Davis, Medical Careers Teacher

David Daye, Director of Magnet Schools System Operations

Colleen Large, Marketing & Communications Manager

Marketing and Communications

Philip Moore, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Maryam Aqdas, Graphic Designer

Charissa Bass, Senior Web Designer & Developer

Peter Decoteau, Director, Marketing & Communications

Kerrigan DiPippo, Social Media Coordinator

Brianna Gagne, Marketing Content Writer

Erica Goulet, Director, Marketing

Gabrielle Hamel, Marketing Manager

Grace Kuraska, Marketing Content Writer

Sibley Muschinsky, Operations Manager

Samantha Ryan, Senior Graphic Design

Susanna Seery, Graphic Designer

Geonna Snyder, Marketing Photographer & Videographer.

Jacob Toomey, Junior Web Designer & Developer

Sebastian Trabucco, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Online Studies

Sara Thermer, Director, Online Studies

Eli Cabrera, Application Programmer Analyst

Jonathan Doubleday, LMS Admin

Brian Hall, Lead Instructional Designer

Austin Kenyon, Instructional Tech & LMS Admin

Zachary Leghorn, Instructional Designer

Sneha Prayaga, Business Analyst

Jonathon Story, Instructional Designer

Benjamin Travers, Producer

Registrar Services

Elizabeth Belleau, Assistant Registrar

Ora Campbell, Student Records Specialist

Beverly Carter, Senior Admin Assistant

Rexhina Jonuzi, PT Registrar Project Coordinator

Ivy Kimble, Records & Enrollment Manager

Noelia Miranda, Academic Records & Registration Specialist

Allison Misky, Registrar

Samantha Strout, Student Records Specialist

Erica Villaparedes, Registration Coordinator

Donna Williams, Registration Specialist and School Certifying Officer

Judith Zimmerman, Vice President Emerita

School of Business, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing

Taylor Bartoski, Administrative Assistant for Continuing Education

Hunter Boynton, PT Welding Lab Technician

Susan Branca-Kuehn, Program Coordinator

Charles Chereklye, CNC Lab Tech

Cecily Collazo, Academic Advisor & Project Coordinator

Thomas Curry, Quality Lab Technician

Taylor Desmarest, Associate Quality Lab Technician

Allison Gavin, Administrative Assistant of BTAM

Scott Kennedy, CDL Class A Driver

Gaetano Labella, Director, College Relations

Linda Martinez, Community Manufacturing Training Center Outreach Liaison

Richard McDonnell, FT Advanced Manufacturing Lab Technician

Charles McGinnis, Senior Director of Continuing Education

George Momplaisir, PT Welding Lab Technician

Allan Nelson, Associate Quality Lab Technician

Abdelfattah Qsaib, CNC Lab Tech

Leslie Sinnock, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Labs

Brian Sullivan, Community Manufacturing Training Centers Coordinator

Shareece Watkins, FT Welding Lab Instructor

King Westberry, Driver, Continuing Education

School of Nursing and Health Professions

Megan Allende, Administrative Assistant for LPN

Sarah Autieri, Administrative Assistant

Jessica Christolini, Senior Academic Advisor- Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Susan Cohn, PT Data Administrator for Public Health

Ann Cooper, Clinical Coordinator- BSN/MSN

Susan Jahn, Clinical Coordinator - LPN

Joanna Asha Lassen, Senior Administrative Assistant for BSN

Elsa Luis, Administrative Assistant for Dental Hygiene

Frank Ruotolo, Nursing Advisor

Michelle Safo-Agyeman, Community Partnership Liaison

Nicolaus Schrum, LPN Academic Advisor

Cassandra Smellings, Administrative Assistant for ADN

Anita Vailonis, Laboratory Coordinator

Student Affairs

Kim McGinnis, Dean of Students

Janae Brissett, EOP Coordinator

Bharati Shah Chakraborty, Counselling Center Case Manager

Janet Concatelli, Executive Assistant

Eric Emet, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Bryton Ferris, Student Engagement Coordinator

Craig Jordan, Veteran Military Affairs Coordinator

Martin Levine, Senior Career Specialist

Molly Lombardo, AccessAbility Coordinator

Danni Millett, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs (EOP)

Lisa Mooney, Counseling Center Director

Vanessa Pergolizzi, Student Engagement Manager

Edward Reynolds, Student Affairs Associate

Isamar Rodriguez, Community & Educational Service Learning Coordinator

Travis Samuels, Case Manager, Housing & EOP Specialist

Marissa Strong, Dual Enrollment Programs Manager

Mari Sullivan Hogan, Counselor

Camryn Wilson, Career Coordinator