is going to college still worth it?

Is College Worth it?

Top three questions to consider when choosing the right school for your success 

Given the economic recession, global pandemic, and student loan debt crisis, the number of students who question whether college is worth the effort and cost has risen significantly over the past year. (Ruffalo Noel Levitz, LLC., 2021). In 2020, with institutions adhering to social distancing procedures recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), learners quickly moved from on-campus classrooms to curricula solely online. Yet, in 2021, even as physical limitations are lifted, students are left wondering about the realities of return on investment in higher education.

This year, student FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) filing rates dropped more than nine percent — when typically, the rate differs by only a point or two per year (Ruffalo Noel Levitz, LLC., 2021). As a result, now more than ever, many traditional-aged and adult pupils alike are hesitant to push forward with their educational plans.

Are you a learner in limbo, unsure of how to proceed with your professional goals? Below are three crucial questions to contemplate when carefully examining the best academic course of action for your career.

  1. How does the college or university support its students academically?

When looking to hang your hat in a place of higher education, prospective students should consider cost, curriculum, and factors of academic assistance first.

For instance, when it comes to higher education costshow transparent is the institution you’re researching when it comes to the total school sticker price? Are the financial aid counselors patient people willing to sit down and explain all of your options? 

The good news about Goodwin: 

At Goodwin University, our Financial Aid department is on a mission to make your academic experience as affordable as possible. From help with filling out student FAFSAs to enlightening learners about financial aid packages, our Financial Aid Counselors explore every avenue of financial assistance, including grantsscholarshipsstudent loans, and work-study opportunities. This way, when you graduate, you can leave school with minimal debt and concentrate on making a difference with your degree.

Financial aid fast fact: In fall 2020, 98% of Goodwin University students received grant or scholarship aid, 49% of Goodwin undergraduates received Pell Grants, and 3.8 million dollars in institutional scholarships was awarded.

Here’s what a Goodwin graduate has to say:

“From the very beginning, Goodwin made the process easy. The financial aid department was amazing and stood out immediately in comparison to other schools. My financial advisor really went in-depth about the financial aid packages, the differences between grants and loans, and what they can do. It was wonderful to walk away with a better understanding of the financial aid process.”
— Lauren Gee, graduate

Another educational area to explore when looking at colleges and universities are the programs’ curricula. Is course content readily accessible for those in need of accommodations? Are the lesson plans inclusive and innovative?

The good news about Goodwin: 

At Goodwin, we believe that a quality education should be easily accessible by all learners. We value the diversity of our student population, and our faculty and staff are determined to ensure your educational success.

Starting strong academically is crucial to student retention, and students are more likely to complete their degrees if they perform well from the beginning (Ruffalo Noel Levitz, LLC., 2021). Because of this, those looking for schools should also research institutional academic assistance. Once enrolled and engaged in the classroom, what resources do students have to succeed?

The good news about Goodwin: 

Goodwin University’s applicant advisors foster student success through 1:1 sessions — discussing academic goals, course selections, and degree planning based on your program of interest. Even better! Goodwin advisors are available from your first semester through graduation, so you can take advantage of all that Goodwin has to offer academically.

At Goodwin, we know that some classes aren’t always the easiest; that’s why our Academic Success Center (ASC) is here to help — providing professional and peer tutoring to all students. Tutoring sessions range from biology, psychology, time management, and study skills to writing essays, research papers, and more. The Academic Success Center also includes a math lab specifically for mathematics and statistics support.

Here’s what a Goodwin student has to say:

“The Academic Success Center is true to its name and was a breath of fresh air for me. I always found math challenging, and when I was introduced to the ASC and my tutor, I was in my second semester of Math 095. The tutors empowered me and ensured that I would overcome my academic struggle. They do anything and everything in their power to guarantee the success of their students. They aren’t just tutors. They are people who have once been in our position and can relate to us. If it had not been for the ASC, I wouldn’t have the drive and confidence that I have today, and for that, I am thankful. The resources and help I was given made me the student I am and will someday make me the nurse I aspire to become.”
Olivia Stacey, student

  1. How does the higher education institution serve learners on a personal level?

Although education is certainly the cornerstone of all academic institutions, prospective students should also ponder what the school offers students personally.

For example, what are higher ed. schools doing for their learners’ basic needs? Do students feel comfortable at the college or university? Do they feel a sense of belonging? What are institutions doing to foster friendships and the feeling of accomplishment?

The good news about Goodwin: 

Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you not only propel academically but thrive as a member of our caring community as well. The following resources are available to members of the Goodwin family through each season and semester.

Managed by a group of faculty, staff, and students, the Goodwin team unites together to provide meals and make a difference, so learners can focus on their education and improve their lives.

 Eligible students can receive up to two packs of diapers per child per month.

Chat with a trained professional about topics like communication building, crisis intervention, and anger management. Students have the option to participate in family or group therapy, grief counseling, or individualized support.

Enhance your Goodwin University experience by discovering new interests, virtual and in-person social events, volunteer prospects, and leadership opportunities. Get inspired and get involved!

Goodwin University was recognized as a 2021-2022 Military Friendly® and Military Friendly® Spouse School for providing resources and top-tier educational services to the brave soldiers who are serving and have served our country.

Here’s what a Goodwin graduate/current student has to say:

“Goodwin is very veteran-friendly. Throughout my time at Goodwin, Veteran Services has been a go-to for my endless amount of questions, and the faculty and staff are some of the kindest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met.”
James Ottino, student

  1. How is the school’s environment ensuring professional success (pre-and-post-graduation)?

Prospective students should also keep in mind what happens after commencement. Now that you’re earning your degree, do you know how to look for and land a job you love? Students should survey exactly what support systems are in place to ensure that they will be educated and employed.

The good news about Goodwin: 

  • Thankfully, Goodwin University’s career-focused programs train students for in-demand, essential industries, from certificate programs to graduate degrees.

In particular, to combat the manufacturing workforce shortage in Connecticut, Goodwin began preparing students for manufacturing careers.

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Goodwin graduated nurses, respiratory care therapists, and students obtaining their Master’s in Public Health to help stop the spread of the disease. 

Goodwin’s Career Services team also provides customized career counseling for students and alumni. Services include career coaching, accessing various employers through Goodwin’s College Central Network, resume and cover letter review, mock interviews, job search support, online and in-person networking events, career fairs, and lunch and learn workshops. With the help of Career Services, 82% of Goodwin students become employed or continue their education within six months of graduation.

Today, the number of jobs requiring a certificate or university degree is growing, and students have to keep in mind that pursuing their education is a long-term game. The gratification of higher education isn’t instantaneous, but it is empowering.

Graduating with your certificate or degree doesn’t only improve your self-awareness and self-esteem, it also sets you apart from other applicants and prepares you for the professional career you’ve always wanted.

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