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Is Mechatronics Certification Required?

The manufacturing field is evolving along with the needs of mainstream society. As we trend toward digital assists for nearly every aspect of life, manufacturing technology must keep pace. Enter, mechatronics. Mechatronics is a field dedicated to advanced machining, engineering, robotics, and information technology—and it is paving the path for the manufacturing industry. Anyone interested in a hands-on, high-tech career may consider pursuing their mechatronics certification. This is a valuable asset that will stand out to any manufacturer seeking to advance their operations.

Read on to learn about the field of mechatronics, which mechatronics certifications can be attained, and the benefits of earning a mechatronics certificate to launch your career.

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is an up-and-coming, cutting-edge sector of the manufacturing industry. This multi-faceted field combines several types of engineering – electrical, computer, and mechanical – with machining, robotics, artificial intelligence, and IT. The primary purpose of mechatronics professionals is to identify and manage new, efficient, and smart machines that can improve manufacturing overall.

Here is an easy example: Tablets and smartphones are devices designed to make our daily lives easier. Mechatronics helps produce the machines that make our favorite devices easier.

Breaking into Mechatronics

If you love technology and you want to break into manufacturing, you may want to consider postsecondary education in the mechatronics specialty. Though requirements vary by employer, most electro-mechanical and mechatronics technicians today must have either an associate degree or postsecondary certificate before getting hired.

A certificate in Mechatronics can prepare you with key skills to launch an entry-level career in the mechatronics field. You will gain hands-on training with the systems, software, and equipment that is used in modern manufacturing settings. You will also gain knowledge in industrial robotics, electrical schematics, computer-aided design, and other technology-driven topics that can carry over to a cutting-edge career. At Goodwin, students are often busy operating and maintaining the electro-mechanical, computer controlled systems often found in automated manufacturing settings.

Some courses within the mechatronics program include, but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Mechatronics
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Basic Electrical
  • Mechanical Drives and Kinematics
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Machining and Pipe Fabrications

A mechatronics certificate can be earned on a shorter timeline than an associate degree, which is an added benefit. The three-semester program offered at Goodwin University, for example, can help you launch your career and get to work in this industry within a matter of months.

Pursuing Your Mechatronics Certification

The mechatronics certification program at Goodwin is based on the teachings of the German dual system of vocational training, where students rotate between practice in the workplace and theory in the classroom. Upon completion of this certificate program, graduates earn Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) certification by the German American Chamber of Commerce – with whom Goodwin has partnered in order to create this full-time program.

Though this mechatronics certification is not required, it will carry great value in your future career. The IHK certification is recognized globally, across the industry. Earning this mechatronics certification shows future employers that your knowledge and skills are second-to-none, and right on the same level as German quality standards.

All in all, professional certification is not required for aspiring and entry-level mechatronics technicians. However, a postsecondary certificate may be required to qualify for a job.

There are also many reasons to pursue a professional mechatronics certification before launching your career. Anyone interested in manufacturing knows that this industry is experiencing a surge. In fact, Deloitte reports that our country is in the middle of its Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Students who choose to pursue mechatronics certification showcase their competency in the field, and gain valuable skills that will boost their chance for success within the field. Hands-on mechatronics training can prepare you for your future role, so you will know what you are doing from day one on the job.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also expects to see growth in this new and rising speciality. In fact, the BLS projects a 3 percent growth of employment for mechatronics professionals over the next several years, which is on trend for the job growth for all occupations. The BLS also reports that mechatronics technicians earn a rewarding salary. These professionals can expect to earn a median salary of $62,800 per year.

In addition to the great pay and positive job outlook, mechatronics technicians can look forward to a wide range of choices when it comes time to get to work. Do you ever hear about a former classmate of yours that pursued a liberal arts degree and then hear the lingering questions: “What’s he going to do with that?” This will not be you, or anyone else who decides to pursue a career-focused mechatronics certificate. Manufacturing employers are looking for the following experts with a concentrated skillset in their niche:

  • Craft workers
  • Distributors
  • Machinists
  • Operators
  • Technicians

To further ensure your success, Goodwin offers students and alumni the free services of its Career Services Team. From professional networking to resume writing and interview practice, the dedicated staff at Goodwin does not rest until you are in the position of your dreams.

The list above is just a few examples of the many paths you may choose to take with your mechatronics certification in hand. This booming field continues to grow each year, and where there is growth, the jobs will follow.

Are you ready to jumpstart your new career in this cutting-edge field? Don’t wait to start your future. Contact Goodwin University to learn more about the Certificate in Mechatronics. Call us at 800-889-3282 or visit us online to request more information.