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Back to School Success: The Top 25 Questions to Ask Your Academic Advisor

Back to School Success: The Top 25 Questions to Ask Your Academic Advisor
by Corinna Kraemer, Goodwin University Academic Advisor

Whether you are brand new to Goodwin or coming back to continue working towards your career goals, your academic advisor is the go-to professional to ensure your student success.

Although it might seem like you only meet with your academic advisor when you need to register for classes, we’re here to assist you with so much more.

To make the most of your time here at Goodwin, I hope that you take advantage of the abundance of resources available to you through the Office of Academic Advising.

If you’re a first-generation student, or even if you’ve attended other educational institutions before, you are not alone. At Goodwin, academic advising is happy to help you reach your goals.

Below are a few sample questions to consider asking your academic advisor this semester.

Exploring Your Major and Aligning Your Aspirations  

  • I am undecided or thinking about changing my major. Can I take the FOCUS2 career exploration assessment?
  • I want to work in healthcare, but I’m on the fence about a specific career. What career-focused paths does Goodwin offer?
  • I want to know what classes in Business Administration would entail, and the careers that can come from a Business Administration degree. Can you connect me with the program director to chat more?
  • I want to finish an associate degree in Health Science and then return for my bachelor’s in Public Health. Can we plan my classes to allow me to do both?
  • I’m passionate about more than one career. How does double-majoring work at Goodwin?
  • I enjoyed Intro to Psychology. Can I minor in Psychology? What are other minors offered?

Academic advisors are vast support systems for students and are essential to their educational success. Those who are sure they want to study a particular field, and even those looking to explore beyond their area of study, academic advisors can expand your personal and professional passions through a double-major or minor.

Achieving Academic Success

  • I need extra support in my Chemistry course. How can I connect with a tutor to help me review the material?
  • I am unsure if online classes are for me. How are they different from on-ground courses, and what resources are there to help online students?
  • I want to boost my GPA. >Are there classes I should take or re-take to help me improve?
  • I am looking for scholarships to help me pay for school. Can you share any scholarships available at Goodwin?
  • Are there any resources available to help me write my application essay?
  • How close am I to graduating with my degree? Can we make a plan for the next couple of semesters to get me to my goal?

At times, the process of applying to competitive programs can feel overwhelming. Academic advisors are here to go through the steps and procedures of preparing for entrance exams and explaining program point systems. By being proactive and planning with an advisor, students alleviate the added stress of last-minute application submissions.

Competitive Programs for Career-Readiness

  • How many classes away am I from applying to the Criminal Justice program, and when should I apply?
  • How does the point system work for admission into Dental Hygiene?
  • What is the minimum grade I need in my Math course to be considered a competitive program in the health sciences?
  • What is the TEAS exam I need to apply to Nursing school, and how should I prepare for it?>
  • I just got the call that I have an interview with the Respiratory Therapy program! Can you help me prepare for my interview?
  • I need to complete observation hours before applying to the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. How do I complete and document those hours?
  • I am required to write an essay for the Human Services program. Are there tips or resources you can provide me for assistance?

Your academic advisors are your student starting point, here to help you aim for, and ultimately achieve your career ambitions. During and after your time at Goodwin, we are here to continue to help you be your best self, and strive for success.

Last, but Certainly Not Least, Class Registration

  • I received an email that fall registration is open! How do I sign up for classes? Can you walk me through the process?
  • I’m not sure what classes to take next semester. >Can you help me plan?
  • What’s a module course, and how is it different from a ‘regular’ class?
  • I have a hold on my account, preventing me from registering. Can you direct me to the right resource so I can get the hold lifted?
  • I’m super busy at work. Can we meet over the phone or virtually via Blackboard Collaborate?
  • I am juggling work, family, school, and so much more. Can you help me make a class schedule that will fit my needs?
  • Can you please confirm that I successfully registered for my classes?

At Goodwin, students register for classes three times a year. Register early! Academic advisors make your educational accomplishments their mission, communicate and collaborate with them ahead of schedule.

We know that students are balancing responsibilities and are making the brave choice to continue their education. That’s why we’re happy to assist with arranging your academics around your schedule, providing flexible times and various methods to meet so that we can focus on your future outcomes.

When you work with your academic advisor on major exploration, academic success, applying to competitive programs, and class registration, you can build a collaborative relationship to pursue your passions and support your overall success.

There are so many resources the Office of Academic Advising offers — all you need to do is ask!

Do you have questions for an Academic Advisor? We’d love to hear from you.

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