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The Ultimate Guide to a Master of Science in Nursing

Prospective students seeking to obtain their Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) may have a few college and career questions to consider before they enroll in an accredited program.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and top searched topics from aspiring MSN students include:

  • What are the Master of Science in Nursing requirements?
  • Can you earn a Master of Science in Nursing online?
  • What are common Master of Science in Nursing specialties?
  • What is the Master of Science in Nursing salary potential?
  • What are the different types of Master of Science in Nursing administration jobs?

Whether you want to earn your MSN degree for a nurse administration role or a nurse practitioner title, read below to discover answers to these questions and more!

What are the Master of Science in Nursing Requirements?

Before enrolling in an MSN program, applicants typically must hold a Registered Nursing (RN) license and have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

Additionally, each university and MSN program will set its own requirements for admission.

Shared requirements among MSN programs may include an interview process with the program director, completed coursework (for specific nursing classes), minimum Grade Point Average (GPA), GRE scores, university application, admissions essay, and a set number of years of experience serving in bedside care.

Goodwin University’s MSN program requirements, for instance, list the following prerequisites for applicants:

  • Complete a graduate application
  • Pay a $50 application fee
  • Participate in a telephone interview with the MSN program director
  • Possess two years of professional experience as an RN
  • Present a professional resume
  • Provide a current, unencumbered RN license
  • Submit proof of immunizations
  • Submit an official or unofficial transcript verifying the completion of a BSN degree
  • Write an 800 to 1,000-word statement on nursing career goals

Read Goodwin’s complete list of requirements for the MSN program here.

Did you know?
Goodwin University’s MSN program doesn’t require GRE scores for admission!

Can You Earn an MSN Degree Online?

Yes, an MSN degree is obtainable online. Most graduate programs, including the Master of Science in Nursing, understand that graduate students have additional responsibilities, often including full-time work schedules and obligations at home. For this reason, earning an MSN degree now enables more digital access to academics than ever before.

Career-focused and convenient, Goodwin University offers learners the opportunity to study their MSN entirely online. Even better — students can complete the MSN degree program in as few as 20 months part-time.

What are the Common Master of Science in Nursing Specialties?

MSN programs are characteristically divided into two categories:

  1. General MSN programs, focusing on nursing leadership, and
  2. Specialty Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) programs

A general MSN curriculum, like the one offered at Goodwin, is dedicated to developing nurse leaders and administrators, and preparing learners for non-clinical roles in academic, administrative, directorial, and managerial-level positions. This can lead to fulfilling roles with high salary potential.

However, for prospective students seeking to expand their clinical careers and become Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), dedicated MSN-APRN programs are available. At Goodwin, students have the option to pursue two specialized programs: the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) or the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). Both programs prepare MSN students to become more advanced patient care providers, granting them more autonomy in their work and narrowing their area of focus to a concentrated field or patient demographic.

What is the Master of Science in Nursing Salary Potential?

Nurse leaders, managers, and administrators are highly paid and also in high-demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers – a broad name for the career, attainable with an MSN degree – earn over $101,000 annually, on average, nationwide. This career is also expected to grow much faster than average, with a projected 28 percent growth in job openings between 2021 and 2031.

Similarly, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse can find fulfilling work in a variety of careers, depending on their specialty. These include clinical positions as an adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner, registered nurse anesthetist, family nurse practitioner, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, and more!

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, nurse practitioners made a median annual wage of $123,780. The nurse practitioner profession is also in-demand and is projected to grow 40% from 2021 to 2031, with 30,200 openings each year over the decade.

What are Other, Different Types of Master of Science in Nursing Jobs?

1. Nurse Educator

  • Career Compensation: In 2021, nurse educators made a median annual wage of $77,440. The same year in Connecticut, nurse educators earned $94,810.
  • Occupational Outlook: Employment for nurse educators is estimated to grow 22 percent from 2021 to 2031, with 18,700 professional openings.

2. Nursing Informatics Specialist

  • Career Compensation: In 2021, nursing informatics specialists, also known as health informatics specialists, made a median annual wage of $99,270.
  • Occupational Outlook: Employment for nursing informatics specialists is predicted to grow 9 percent from 2021 to 2031, with 44,500 career openings annually.

3. Nurse Executive

Accomplishing a master’s degree in nursing is a meaningful goal that, once achieved, can make a difference in the daily lives of patients and holistic programs.

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