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What is the Best Degree for Manufacturing?

Whether you are hoping to launch a hands-on career in manufacturing, or land a leadership position at your company, a manufacturing education can help you get there. Discover the best degrees for the manufacturing careers of tomorrow.

The Manufacturing Makeover

Today, the field of manufacturing looks remarkably different than it did decades ago. A profession once thought to be filled with repetitive assembly lines and unsafe conditions has been revitalized — and the industry has since adopted significant advancements in cutting-edge technology.

Many manufacturers have implemented the latest computerized equipment to meet current consumer needs. Now more than ever, companies need employees with modern skillsets to run the machines that create their commodities.

Digital Transformation of the Trade

According to a study conducted by the Manufacturing Institute, the United States will have 2.1 million vacant manufacturing jobs by 2030.

The need for specific sought-after manufacturing skills has caused educational institutions to adjust their academic programs. Manufacturing programs in career-focused schools now prepare learners for immediate job placement, enabling students to propel their professional goals.

Below are examples of the best manufacturing degrees and certificate programs to consider for a future career in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Certificates Catering to Your Career

1. CNC Machining Certificate

Captivating Courses for Creators: A program curriculum for emerging CNC machinists, the CNC certificate program covers industry problem-solving, material properties, milling and turning machinery operation, production processes, safety techniques, technology in advanced manufacturing, and more.

Career Prospects for Producers: CNC machining graduates can find enticing professional opportunities as CNC machinists, manual machine operators, and CNC programmers.

Fast fact: At Goodwin University, future CNC machinists can sign up for flexible evening and Saturday classes!

2. CNC Machining, Metrology, and Manufacturing Technology

Captivating Courses for Creators: A certificate in CNC machining, metrology, and manufacturing technology encompasses CNC applications and machining, lean manufacturing principles, metrology and calibration, and more.

The good news at Goodwin: Enrolled students can complete the CNC machining, metrology, and manufacturing technology certificate on an accelerated schedule, in just 22.5 weeks.

Career Prospects for Producers: Learners graduating from this manufacturing major can be optimistic about several opportunities, including becoming a CNC operator.

3. Mechatronics Certificate

Captivating Courses for Creators: Students pursuing a certificate in mechatronics study computer-aided design (CAD), electrical elements, hydraulics, industrial robotics, machining, motor control, and more.

Career Prospects for Producers: Prepared graduates of a mechatronics program can have fulfilling careers maintaining and operating computer-controlled systems as mechatronics technicians. They may specialize in calibration, electromechanical operations, industrial networking, maintenance, and more.

4. Welding Certificate

Captivating Courses for Creators: In a welding certificate program, students study various subjects, including fabrication, safety, and welding methods like flux core arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and shielded metal arc welding.

The good news at Goodwin: Learners enrolled in the welding program at Goodwin University can train for their future careers on virtual reality welding machines!

Career Prospects for Producers: Graduates of a welding certificate program can find excellent employment opportunities as welders or cutters.

Fast fact: Students in the welding program at Goodwin University can study for their certification full or part-time and complete their certificate in as few as eight months!

Associate Manufacturing Degrees that Advance Your Future

1. CNC Machining Associate Degree

Captivating Courses for Creators: Students earning an associate degree in CNC machining secure an advanced understanding of CNC machining, materials, mathematics, and the skills needed for programming tool feeds, locations, motions, and speeds.

Continuing Education Prospects for Producers: At Goodwin, the credits you earn in the associate CNC machining program may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing management. Or, graduates can go on to pursue a successful career in CNC machining and operation.

2. Quality Management Systems Associate Degree

Captivating Courses for Creators: A quality management systems degree prepares students to interpret engineering blueprints, manage inventory, follow industry regulations, research, test, and develop products, inspect for quality assurance, and more.

Career Prospects for Producers: Quality management systems graduates can find rewarding careers as calibration technicians, quality control analysts, quality control inspectors, and beyond.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Management to Boost Your Resume

1. Manufacturing Management Bachelor’s Degree

Captivating Courses for Creators: At the bachelor’s level, a manufacturing management degree is one of the best degrees in manufacturing that you can pursue. This degree will combine advanced topics in business management with manufacturing technique, through courses such as logistics, operations management, manufacturing accounting, quality control, safety standards, organizational communication, green belt training, and more.

The good news at Goodwin: Students enrolled in the manufacturing management program at Goodwin University earn the following nationally recognized credentials:

Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential

Green Manufacturing credential

Certified Logistics Associate (CLA)

Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) credential

Career Prospects for Producers: Occupational opportunities for graduates with a bachelor’s in manufacturing management include careers as:

  • Inspection supervisors
  • Logisticians
  • Industrial production managers
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Quality control managers
  • Safety supervisors

Fast fact: Goodwin’s future fabricators train in a state-of-the-art facility and benefit from strong partnerships with local manufacturers, acquiring internships and employment.

Which is the Best Manufacturing Degree for You?

Manufacturing careers contribute to the economy and make a difference in everyday lives. From creating something tangible to positions in management, advanced manufacturing can highlight your unique strengths and provide a sense of professional pride.

The innovative field is waiting for makers and creators. The question is, which path is best for you? There is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a future in manufacturing – consider which manufacturing degree best aligns with your interests, passions, skillsets, and professional goals.

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