Is a Master’s Degree in Leadership Worth It? Yes – and Here’s Why!

Have you already received your bachelor’s degree and landed a decent job, but now feel your career is at an impasse because you need to obtain additional skills to keep moving up the ladder? Keep your career momentum going in the right direction and attain the skills necessary to succeed by pursuing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a Master’s degree in Leadership, and is it even worth it? The answer is YES. A Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL degree) from an accredited school like Goodwin College can help you develop the knowledge and management skills needed to excel in the workplace and overcome those professional hurdles. Here are a few reasons why a Master’s degree in Leadership is worth the extra time.

MSOL programs teach you valuable leadership skills.

In today’s ever changing workplace environment, solid leadership is more important than ever. In order for today’s employees to feel secure, motivated, and empowered within their organization, they need to feel like they have the proper support to get their jobs done. Being a leader is not about putting yourself first, but rather putting employees first to strategically motivate them and empower them for the good of the organization. It is leadership’s responsibility to make sure their employees have the tools and resources needed to be successful at their job. Through strategic problem solving, critical thinking, and advanced communication skills, leaders can address and solve any issues or challenge that arises in the workplace.

So, where does a Master’s degree in Leadership fit in? Goodwin’s MSOL graduate courses can teach you the many valuable skills needed to effect change, empower employees, and mitigate risk within an organization—the skills, the qualities, needed to be a great leader.

MSOL graduates tend to have higher earning potential.

Many MSOL graduates once asked themselves the same question you are asking yourself today, “Can a Master’s degree in Leadership help me advance my career and earning potential?” Looking at the many high-paying leadership roles that MSOL graduates currently hold, our assumption would be that they feel it was worth every penny. Although MSOL salaries can vary based on industry and experience level, an Master’s degree puts you in an advantageous position to secure a higher earning potential. A company executive, for example, is a job position that an MSOL graduate can potentially obtain with the median earning salary being $93,086. Furthermore, for those in the education sector wondering, “Is a Master’s degree in Leadership worth it,” consider a school principal. This position requires many of the management skills that can be learned from an MSOL program, with a median salary at $86,741 for a middle school principal and over $90,000 for a high school principal.

Goodwin’s Flexible program structure is convenient for working professionals.

You might also be wondering, “Is a Master’s in Leadership truly worth it if I am already a working professional with a tight schedule?” Fortunately, Goodwin’s College’s flexible class format is ideal for students who have additional commitments and priorities – including family care – on top of your work and personal schedules. Our MSOL program is all about convenience, giving you the ability to earn your MSOL degree in as little as 20 months part-time. Goodwin’s leadership courses are offered in a hybrid online and classroom format. Students also have the option to enroll in the standard 15-week or the accelerated 7.5-week course format. Here, you can earn your degree at your desired pace.

There is no doubt that a Master’s degree in Leadership is worth the plunge. Not only will you walk away with great earning potential, a versatile skillset that employers desire, and a better, working knowledge of business, you will also come away with the potential for job growth. You will graduate a leader, and with the help of Goodwin’s lifetime career services, you will become a leader. Contact us today to learn more about earning your MSOL degree in Connecticut.