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4 Qualities that Every Great MPH School Will Have

Of course you’re going to work for your degree, but finding a school that works for you is equally important! Think about it as though the admission requirements go both ways. This is the “must” checklist that tells you what it takes to get into a university. Well, before you go ahead and pair yourself up to each bullet point, take some time to build your own “must-have” list, and put the prospective university to the test! A great Master’s in Public Health (MPH) school should hit a few requirements to satisfy a smart, career-minded individual like yourself.  

What makes a great MPH school? Here are the top qualities that should be on your list. 

  1. Great Career Outcomes 

First and foremost: find the answer to this question. You are surely interested in an MPH degree because you’ve thought ahead about the potential career outcomes. More than likely, you know your dream career! Or, at least you know that the public health field interests you, and you’re curious about your options. This is a powerful position to be in. Does the MPH school you’re considering promise credible career outcomes, like the following? Do these career outcomes align with your career goals? 

  • Public Health Director 
  • Epidemiologist 
  • Public Health Educator 
  • Sanitarian 
  • Biostatistician 
  • Disaster and Emergency Specialist 

If so, you’ve found a program that will ensure that you graduate with a competitive skillset in the field of public health. Being eligible for careers like these also translates to job stability. Why is that? Supply and demand. For the next eight years, you’ll be part of the forecasted leading occupation, period. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest employment projections report, which analyzed trends for the span of 2018-2028, of the 30 fastest growing occupations in the United States, 18 are in healthcare and related occupations. That translates to 3.4 million jobs in healthcare and social assistance. Choosing an MPH school that provides career options applicable to this finding, should be a must on your checklist. 

2. Online Flexibility 

Who says that graduate work takes ages to complete? Only those who don’t have a better option to offer. Goodwin University’s MPH program was created with your best interests in mind. Why spend time and money getting to campus when you can learn the same material online and remotely, when and where it is convenient for you? Why make you show up to class at a prescribed time, when that actually may be a barrier between you and your Master’s degree, due to obligations like a job, or childcare? A graduate school that offers flexibility with online classes, with an MPH that can be completed in as few as 16 months, is a graduate school that works for you, not against you. Goodwin University takes your life seriously, because we truly want you to succeed. 

3. Career-Focused Coursework 

To get the job you want, you’ll need a skillset that matches the job responsibilities. Most MPH schools can offer that. However, you’ll want to look for a program that provides opportunities to put your skills to the test through hands-on experiences. The Goodwin University MPH curriculum includes important cornerstone classes, such as Public Health Policy, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. You will also take career-specific classes, like Epidemiology and Biostatistics. What you should search for in addition, and why, are these three points for your coursework checklist: 

  • Ample elective classes. Electives allow you to shape your studies to match your desired career path in public health. They also allow you to try new things, which is part of the fun of learning. 
  • An internship requirement. An MPH school that makes you do research into opportunities in the field before graduation means that we’re thinking about, and urging you towards, your career while you’re still in school. Internships help you get your foot in the door. A school that gives you credit for diving right in, is a school that has your future in mind. 
  • A capstone project. The final experience of your graduate school career, a successfully completed capstone demonstrates the skills acquired throughout your studies. The capstone project is a fantastic way to conduct research that you can present on interviews, and to continue developing your professional journey. 

4. A Professional Network 

For your last big checkpoint when seeking a great MPH school, research their Career Services offerings. We’ll bet you can’t find one accomplished professional who says they reached their goals completely solo, without any mentor, assistance, or advice. Part of entering a career path is taking tips from professionals who have been there, jumped a few hurdles, taken a few diggers, and tested the odds themselves. That is why, at Goodwin University, from the time when you are in school to the time you are alumni, you’ll have a career specialist in your field who is available for counsel and assistance. While you’re in school or out, you can take advantage of mock interviews, lunch and learn workshops, employer networking events, and more.  

The professional network of Goodwin graduates is vast, as you’ll see from Who Hires Goodwin Grads. Hopefully, you’ll be able to report your own career outcome on this page, in less than two years’ time, with Goodwin University’s career focused MPH school. 

To find out more about the benefits of Goodwin University’s MPH school, and to learn how you can kick off your public health career, please request more information online or contact us at 800-889-3282 to get started today.