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Online Healthcare Education Guide: Finding the Best Program for You

Healthcare, without a doubt, is a highly practical and hands-on field. In order to be successful in healthcare, you should know how to interact with patients, implement basic care techniques, and operate fundamental medical tools. However, did you know that there are postsecondary programs in which you can complete your healthcare education online?

Online education, also known as distance learning, has been significantly streamlined over the last couple of years—and healthcare programs are no exception. Accelerated to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, online healthcare programs are now equipped with the latest distance learning tools to help students accomplish their career goals.

Adapting to the demand and advancements in technology, innovative postsecondary institutions have designed a variety of online healthcare degrees — which include online-focused and hybrid healthcare programs, as well as healthcare classes taken entirely online.

Read below to discover how online academic healthcare programs work, and how to pick the right online healthcare program for you. We also include popular examples of certificate, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs that healthcare students can attain online.

An Online Education in Healthcare Explained

With the help of a personal computer and a strong internet connection, online programs are possible. Students attend live instructional lesson plans or watch asynchronous, prerecorded courses in their dedicated area of study.

Online learners interact virtually with classmates through convenient academic applications and remote resources. Even though each student is not physically in the same building or room, those earning their degrees can stay connected to their peers through digital world discussion boards, group video chats, and more.

Although some programs can be completed entirely online, it’s important to note that other majors, such as nursing, require some real-world practice in the profession before graduation. By completing clinical rounds, site internships, and laboratory experiences, students develop hands-on practice and gain the skills critical to their career field. Upon graduation, these learners are workforce-ready and adequately prepared for their profession.

As you contemplate your career in healthcare, ask yourself: Will I benefit from hands-on experience, or is the curriculum something I can complete online?

The Best Online Healthcare Programs in a Post-Pandemic World

Perhaps you would like to pursue an online healthcare education, due to the flexibility available. Online programs are a popular choice because they allow for convenient course scheduling, remote learning environments, and help many people maintain other obligations – like a full-time job! If you are balancing other responsibilities but would like to advance your education in healthcare, an online program is an obvious choice.

The decision now lies in the type of program you choose. As noted above, many healthcare education programs require some level of in-person learning, in order to provide students with experience in the field. However, some healthcare programs are more data-oriented or take place behind-the-scenes, allowing for a fully online educational option.

Explore some of the popular online healthcare education options below, to see if any align with your interests and goals.

***Please note that at Goodwin University, there are additional online healthcare programs available at each attainment level.***

Online Healthcare Certificate Program:

Medical Billing and Coding

  • Online format: All courses, except for two, will be offered online starting in the Fall 2023 semester. In the up-and-coming Spring 2023 semester, all classes will be held online.
  • Program completion time: As few as 12-18 months
  • Career profile: Medical records specialist

Online Healthcare Associate Program:

Medical Assisting

Online Healthcare Bachelor’s Program:


Online Healthcare Master’s Program:

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

5 Tips to Pick the Best Online Healthcare Program for You

Now that you know some of your options for online learning, it’s important to know how to choose a great program—one that aligns with your goals and needs. Consider the following suggestions and pick the right online healthcare program to propel your future success!

1. Academic Accreditation

Is your potential online school qualified by the Department of Education?

Prospective students should beware of diploma mills and online school scams — ensuring that the institution of their choice is valid and verified before enrolling.

2. Align Your Passion with Your Profession

Can you see yourself in this healthcare career role?

Consider factors like job outlook, patient population, pay, potential job satisfaction, workplace setting, schedule, — and more — before committing to a specific online healthcare program.

3. Convenience of Curriculum

Does the program you’re pursuing provide flexible class formats?

Healthcare hopefuls should ask about the technology offered for online coursework, keeping modern academic platforms and the availability of technical assistance in mind.

Learners should also be cognizant of program time commitments and if they can work full-time or attend to family obligations while focusing on their certificate or degree.

4. Effectiveness of the Educational Institution

Does your potential online healthcare school have optimistic graduation and job placement rates?

Postsecondary students seek an education that leads to a promising career. Not only do learners want to be confident that they’ll be engaged in their college, but they also want to ensure that after commencement, they’ll be beyond ready for their careers.

5. Strength of Student Support

How does the institution you’re interested in support its online students?

From financial aid help and academic tutoring, to student engagement and career services, learners should be sure they’re going to love their online school.

Today’s top online healthcare programs are also adaptable in format, inclusive in culture, and academically advanced. Goodwin University, for example, applies the state-of-the-art academic framework Universal Design for Learning (UDL) across all disciplines. As a result, UDL eliminates significant barriers to student success and increases equity, even in the digital classroom.

Online healthcare graduates set the standard for future employee success — demonstrating self-sufficiency, technical skills, and a strong work ethic.

Are you ready to start your healthcare degree online?

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