1 year MPH programs

Can You Complete an MPH Program in One Year?

Public health promotion and policy significantly impact individual health as well as the essential wellness of entire populations. For example, public health workers have provided communities with contraction data and the latest, safest procedures to prevent COVID-19 exposure throughout the ongoing pandemic.

During the past couple of years, the impression the public health profession has had on our nation further proves that the field is vital — not only for today but also for the future health of tomorrow.

Public health, in turn, is a valuable and viable career option. If you are looking to break into the public health field, you may be considering a Master’s in Public Health (MPH). However, like many who have been inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may want to launch a career – and to start making a difference – fast. This begs the question: Can you earn an MPH in one year? Or, is more time in school required for an advanced public health career?

MPH Completion Time: From the Classroom to Career

If you are wondering, “How long does it take to get a Master’s in Public Health?” — the timeframe for earning a degree can depend on a few of the following factors:

  • Allotted credits students are allowed to take per term
  • Course schedule — awaiting specific classes only offered during certain semesters
  • Eligible transfer credits
  • Full or part-time study tracks

MPH programs typically take two years to complete. However, some exceptions, like expedited one year MPH programs, enable motivated students to achieve their educational goals at an accelerated rate. As an intensive and efficient mode of study, one year MPH programs aptly prepare students for the public health profession upon graduation.

One Year MPH Modalities and Barriers to Student Success

Many Master’s in Public Health programs are only offered on-campus, and countless curricula fail to provide an accelerated component. While one year MPH programs are available, some are solely designed for students with previous work experience in the public health field, or those who already have a graduate or doctoral degree in a related discipline.

Additionally, some one year MPH programs disallow students to work while in school. For example, George Washington University lists on its website, “Students approved for [the MPH] program track are not permitted to work while enrolled.” Similarly, the University of Southern California states on its site, “It is recommended that students do not work when taking the MPH Fast-Track program.

Therefore, it is important to do your research and find a program that aligns best with your needs, your schedule, and your priorities.

Flexible Study Formats That Fit Your Busy Schedule

Thankfully, for learners with families and/or those working full-time, there are flexible, one year MPH programs available. This format empowers students complete their degree more quickly than traditional paths. Some one year MPH programs are also offered online.

For instance, Goodwin University’s flexible, accelerated MPH program can be completed entirely online in just 12-15 months. Goodwin’s MPH program was designed in a convenient, seven-week format, and offers options to attend full- or part-time. MPH students also benefit from having six program starts per year.

To add to the adaptability in academics, Goodwin University does not require GRE scores for admission into the MPH program. The unique joint program offered by Goodwin and the University of Bridgeport provides the advantage of an inclusive learning environment with two universities listed on your MPH degree.

Cutting-Edge MPH Curriculum

Personalized to meet your professional goals, Goodwin University’s Master’s in Public Health program offers three concentrations to choose from — Community Health, Global Health, and Health Policy and Management.

Goodwin’s MPH curriculum combines public health concepts, practices, and theories — providing a complete comprehension of the field’s most important matters. In the accelerated MPH program, students evaluate behavioral, biological, ecological, and environmental elements of human health and wellness. Learners also develop the confidence and competence to pinpoint and problem-solve pressing public health issues and initiatives.

A program made for emerging leaders, the MPH program aligns with the mission of Healthy People 2030 and advances the nation’s efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of all

people. Goodwin’s MPH also highlights the detrimental challenges of historically disadvantaged communities — generating modern solutions and implementations for equitable success.

Captivating MPH Careers that You Can Attain in 12-15 Months

An accelerated MPH program is an ideal path for medical professionals interested in improving their earning potential and advancing their careers while keeping their educational costs down.

Examples of healthcare settings and sectors available to MPH graduates include:

  • Academia
  • Community-based organizations
  • Governmental agencies
  • Non-profit foundations
  • Public or private sector, and
  • Research facilities

Future public health professionals can also find rewarding MPH careers as biostatisticians, environmental scientists, epidemiologists, and more! All of this can be achieved in as few as 12 to 15 months at Goodwin University.

Earning a Master’s degree in Public Health can further your professional purpose.

Graduates of Goodwin’s MPH program have described their experiences as “meaningful,” “fulfilling,” and an education that enabled them to achieve their career goals and serve their communities.

The public health field promotes healthcare as a human right while emphasizing accessibility to disease prevention. To effect authentic change, strategic public health professionals work to shape legislation and public opinion for sustainable outcomes. Rooted in principles of community advocacy, public health is a powerful field that hones in on chronic disease and deterrence and raises the quality of life for all.

Are you ready to make a difference by helping communities live healthier lives? Click here to learn more about a Master’s degree in Public Health!