Master’s in Leadership and Management FAQ

Making the decision to enroll in a Master’s program is a big deal, and you want to do so thoughtfully. Here, we’re going to answer all your questions about our Master’s in Leadership and Management degree at Goodwin College, more commonly called an MSOL degree.

What does “MSOL” mean?

“MSOL” is an acronym for Master’s in Organizational Leadership. It’s a Master’s leadership and management degree that is often compared to the Master’s in Business (MBA).

What is the difference between MSOL and MBA?

MSOL and MBA degrees are really two different disciplines. MSOL degrees focus more on people issues and big-picture, organizational planning, whereas the MBA is centered around the technical skills related to business, including finance, accounting, and marketing. Both degrees prepare individuals for careers in management, however, MSOL degree holders will find themselves directing people and systems, while MBA holders will coordinate the facts and figures pertaining to the business.

Another difference is that MSOL programs are largely geared towards those who have already established themselves in a particular career arena, but who seek advancement and further managerial responsibilities. In contrast, the MBA is often the go-to for those just starting out in the workforce. You can learn more about these two degree paths in our blog, MSOL vs. MBA.

How long does this program last?

At Goodwin College, students can complete their MSOL studies in as few as 20 months part-time.

What are the flexibility options?

Goodwin College is all about flexibility, because we know that you have other obligations outside of school – a family, a job, hobbies. Our Master’s in Leadership and Management program is designed to be integrated into your daily life without hassle. Courses may be completed in a standard 15-week format, or may be taken in a more accelerated 7.5-week format. Our MSOL classes are also offered in hybrid, which combines both classroom and online learning, so that you can develop a school/life balance that works for you.

What jobs can you land with a MSOL degree?

The possibilities for career advancement once you’ve achieved a Master’s in Organizational Leadership are vast. You might apply your skills in areas such as education, corporate business, manufacturing, nonprofit, and the state and federal governmental sectors. The lessons learned through our MSOL program foster leaders— people who can use research tools to increase productivity in the workplace, who can manage and successfully direct employee and organizational performance, and individuals with these skills are valuable in so many careers. You wouldn’t just be “landing a job” with an MSOL degree: you would be building a career.

What courses are offered as part of the MSOL Curriculum?

In line with the fact that the MSOL is a “people” degree, those matriculating in the Goodwin College program will take courses such as Leadership Practices, Talent and Performance Management, and Leading Organizational Change. They will also be outfitted with the skills to make big choices for organizations, by taking courses like Data Driven Decision-Making for Executives and Sustainability of Innovation and Strategic Advantage. Besides core requirements such as Foundations of Leadership and a Capstone project, electives are offered so that students can explore leadership and management within the public sector, operations, consulting, and research techniques.

How will I see the benefits of earning an MSOL immediately?

The skills learned in our Master’s in Leadership and Management program are not only applicable to one’s career, but also assist with making life decisions. Short-term, students can apply management practices right away in the workplace: MSOL graduate courses train the mind to assess, address, and implement change in organizational systems, to increase employee performance, and to improve overall organizational health. Students will find themselves analyzing the practices at their current job, and implementing change immediately. They may also apply those organizational leadership skills to their home and family, in order to lead better and more fulfilling personal lives. MSOL graduates are equipped to develop better relationships with others in the workplace… and those benefits don’t end at the office lobby.

What are the long-term benefits of obtaining an MSOL?

Skills earned are not just a feather in the cap, but are rather tools that continue to sharpen with use. An MSOL degree will allow individuals to climb the ladder in their chosen career, to implement change, and then with time, to witness the effects of that application and to adjust for the best results. Better businesses are built on the lessons learned from change management, and careers are made by leaders who effectively take businesses from one phase to the next. The long-term benefits of obtaining an MSOL degree are that individuals can shape their own challenging and rewarding career path, while seeing the benefits of their work play out in the organizations of their choice, and of course, enjoying executive pay increases.

What are the prerequisites for Goodwin’s MSOL program and how do I apply?

Goodwin’s MSOL program has simple and fair requirements for admission. Many other hybrid and online programs require GRE scores, but Goodwin’s Master’s in Leadership and Management is designed for the working individual, and so does not expect these test scores. Graduate applicants however must verify that they have completed a regionally accredited Bachelor’s program and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0. There are no restrictions on what this BA may have focused on, because the skills learned in our Master’s in Leadership and Management may be used across all disciplines. However, applicants must write a letter of intent describing how earning a MSOL will benefit them and their careers, and they must provide two letters of recommendation that elaborate on leadership potential and preparedness for advanced study. Otherwise, applicants will need to share a professional resume, complete an application form, and submit the $50 non-refundable application fee.

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