Should I Enroll in an Online Nursing School?

In the fast-evolving healthcare field, the demand for skilled nurses is high. Healthcare employers across the United States are looking for more nurses to provide patient care, to monitor advanced medical technology, and to educate others about health and wellness. To be exact, the BLS estimates that over 439,000 nurses will be needed to fill positions across the United States within the next seven years.

These nurses need to be educated, trained, and readied for the fast-pace medical field. As a result, most employers today prefer (some even require) that nursing candidates hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s in Nursing degree. Bachelor’s degree programs, according to the BLS, include advanced education in the physical and social sciences, as well as furthered leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills.

If you are already working as an RN, it can be hard to think about earning your Bachelor’s degree. You know you want to advance your education (and in turn, your career) eventually, but are worried about balancing your current job with nursing school. This is a common concern among registered nurses: You already have a busy work schedule, let alone priorities at home – how will you ever make it to class?

You deserve a nursing program that aligns with your schedule needs. So, like many registered nurses, you may be considering an online nursing school. Online nursing schools offer convenient, affordable ways to advance your education. They offer a flexible path to transition from an RN to BSN to even an MSN degree. Still, you may be hesitant to enroll in online courses. Will employers place the same value on an online nursing degree? Will you receive the same level of quality education in online courses?

Fact is, an online nursing school for advanced nursing degrees (such as a BSN and MSN) can be an extremely valuable path for the working nurse. In your career thus far, you have already gained great clinical experience in healthcare settings. Now, you have the chance to further that experience by focusing on professional development: By taking nursing classes online while working full- or part-time, you will truly be granted the opportunity to grow. You can continue to build relationships within your workplace and network with other medical professionals while working towards your degree. You can close any gaps in your nursing skillset by applying your online studies to practice. And, by taking online courses while working as nurse, you can show employers just how apt and ambitious you are.

Goodwin College knows all this firsthand. We maintain close relationships with top healthcare employers throughout Connecticut, so that we can keep our nursing programs focused on the end-result: your future, your career, and your success. Our online RN-to-BSN program and our online MSN program were both designed with healthcare employers in mind. Here, nursing students can gain the advanced knowledge and skillsets that employers are looking for, all in an accelerated, online format.

On top of a career-centric curriculum, Goodwin’s RN-to-BSN and MSN online nursing programs have also been designed around the busy lifestyles of registered nurses. We understand that you work hard and that it’s not always easy to make it into class after a long day on your feet. That is why we’ve made it possible for you to complete your BSN coursework in a convenient, online format, right in the comfort of your own home. In as few as 16 months part-time, you can complete your BSN degree online at Goodwin. And, thanks to our fixed tuition model, you can know the total cost of completing your BSN degree before you take your first class.

In the digital age, online coursework is quickly becoming a norm for higher education. Currently, about three million college students are enrolled in online degree programs. Why shouldn’t you? With advanced nursing programs available online, we can’t think of a reason not to. (But, if you want more reasons to attend an online nursing school, you can find six more here!)

Goodwin College is committed to preparing students to be both productive and successful, and this level of commitment is carried over to our online nursing programs. We make it possible for students from all over to advance their nursing degrees while balancing work, family, and other responsibilities. Whether you’re looking to change careers or advance further in your current nursing job, we can help you achieve your dream. Learn more about our online nursing school offerings by calling 800-889-3282. Or, visit us at!