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How to Choose an M.Ed. Program

Curriculum theory. Classroom-based assessment. Teacher leadership. A capstone project. These are just some of the lessons you can expect from a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) program. However, aspiring teachers should be careful to select an M.Ed. program that fits both their learning goals, and their current lifestyle. After all, most Master’s in Education programs take two years to complete. Programs that are designed for your achievement should also be built in a way that fosters a healthy school-life balance. Not all M.Ed. programs are created the same, so what should you look for?

Choose a contemporary, comprehensive, and accredited M.Ed. program.

First and foremost, remember that you will be hired based on the knowledge you attain in your M.Ed. program. The best thing you can do for your career, therefore, is to choose an educational program that offers you a competitive edge. For example, Goodwin University’s M.Ed. program is formulated around the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, which is a contemporary teaching methodology that acknowledges learner variability and views it as an asset.

ASCD is the nation’s leading association for professional development for K-12 educators. This organization shares the view that the UDL framework is a blueprint for learning success. By providing multiple means of representation, action, expression, and engagement, UDL teachers can raise student success rates and reach diverse learners who may otherwise be left behind.

Accreditation is another important facet as you enter the education field. Ensure that you choose a graduate school that has been officially vetted and accredited. For example, Goodwin University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Without accreditation, your degree will hold diminished value. Make sure not to spend your time and money on a less-than-covetable result.

Choose an M.Ed. program that offers flexible scheduling, without sacrificing time.

The benefits of flexible learning are multitudinous. Can you imagine having time for your family, job, and graduate education? Online and hybrid coursework makes it possible for you to do it all. Goodwin University indicates which courses are delivered in a hybrid format (mixing on-campus and online formats) and which courses are offered fully-online by semester. This way, you can easily plan to tackle only as much as your lifestyle allows.

Adult learners find great success with flexible, online M.Ed. programs because they can continue to work full-time while obtaining their degree. Even better, the Goodwin University M.Ed. program can be completed in as few as 12 months while studying part-time.

Choose to pay for an affordable education.

Why set yourself back financially while striving to boost your career, if you don’t have to? Some universities hide fees and expenses until your bill arrives in the mail. Few outline tuition costs transparently and up-front. On the contrary, before the ink on your application is dry, you would know exactly what an M.Ed. would cost you at Goodwin University. At $600 per credit for a 30-credit program, this master’s degree costs $18,000, which is competitive with other private non-profit colleges in Connecticut.

Though Goodwin University is cost-effective, you might also benefit from learning about the financial aid options that could be available to you. Another way to save on credit costs is to supply previously earned credits that can count towards your master’s degree. M.Ed. applicants may transfer up to 12 credits, leaving just 18 credits to complete.

Choose a University that is two-in-one.

Two is always better than one. We’re referring to the partnership between Goodwin University and the University of Bridgeport, who have teamed up to offer a dual-university degree to M.Ed. program students. With pooled resources, diverse perspectives, and double the cred, you’ll find benefits from having both schools at your fingertips. Plus, not only do students get the excitement of having two student bodies to associate with, but both universities are listed on the M.Ed. diploma!

Choose a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

Goodwin University M.Ed. graduates benefit from career services long after graduation. You can seek counseling, job search assistance, networking, and career placement, not to mention practice interviewing and tips for honing your writing skills. Graduates have found careers as Counselors, Curriculum Specialists, Educational Administrators, School Principals, Special Education Teachers, Corporate Trainers, and in many more exciting areas in the education field.

It’s a big decision to choose to go to school for a master’s degree in Education. Making such an investment of your time, energy, money, and attention is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

At least Goodwin University makes the application process a little easier. Our admission requirements are as straightforward as possible, and no GRE scores are required. Applicants need to submit previous transcripts that demonstrate academic achievement, provide recommendations, and interview to express their interest and professional goals.

To learn more about the Goodwin University M.Ed. program advantages, we hope you’ll visit us online, request more information, or give us a call at 800-889-3282.