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7 Ways Goodwin University Supports Student Wellness

There is no doubt that stress affects your body. In fact, high levels of stress can have a huge impact on your health. As a student-conscious college, Goodwin University does not want to see you slip through the cracks. Here are seven ways that Goodwin steps up to support your well-being.

The Ann B. Clark Co-Op is Here to Care.

The Ann B. Clark Co-op is not your average food pantry. Brightly lit and welcoming, the on-campus Co-op squashes the stigma that pantry-users often experience. The Co-op is managed by compassionate staff and students, all of whom are ready to ensure that your basic needs are met. Unlike many other food pantries, the Co-op gives its customers the freedom to select their own items — further dedicating itself to the dignity and de-stigmatization of pantry use.

Use of the Ann B. Clark Co-op is free to current Goodwin University and magnet school families. Aside from the generous donations of internal supporters, the pantry also benefits from close partnerships with Connecticut Foodshare, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Dairy Farmers of America, and Highland Park Market.

Items available at the Co-op range from:

  • Books and entertainment
  • Clothing, jackets, and shoes
  • Dry goods
  • Fresh foods
  • Personal hygiene products

The Co-op is also home to a Diaper Bank program. The Diaper Bank supports qualifying students and their families by providing them with two packs of diapers (per month, per child). This helps families with babies and toddlers cut down on the cost of living.

Be Kind to Your Mind.

Staying healthy isn’t just a matter of body — it’s also a matter of mind. After all, there is a proven link between physical and mental health. Take, for example, chronic pain and depression. While chronic pain could be a cause of depression for some, others may suffer from chronic pain because of their depression.

Seeking counseling services can help you navigate your mental health difficulties — leading to an increase in both your happiness and your overall well-being. Despite this, many people who need counseling do not choose to pursue it. Barriers like time, money, and insurance often prevent people from seeking the help they deserve.

At Goodwin, we’re dedicated to breaking social barriers. That’s why we offer cost-free, comprehensive Counseling Services. Goodwin’s compassionate counselors are ready to provide current university students with emotional support, referrals, case management, and follow-up care.

Hit Reset with Fresh Check Day.

It can be hard to sweep your mind of stress — especially when juggling major responsibilities like college, a job, and a family. On Fresh Check Day, Goodwin University students can access mental health resources and build positive coping techniques in a safe and supportive space — all while learning to reduce the stigma that often surrounds mental health issues.

AccessAbility Ensures Student Equity.

The Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS) provides resources and services for disabled students — helping to ensure that the Goodwin experience is universally accessible. As a campus-wide leader in inclusion and diversity, the OAS promotes self-advocacy, pride, and equity for all students.

The OAS facilitates equity and inclusion by:

  • Consulting with students, faculty, staff, and visitors about institutional barriers.
  • Engaging with the Goodwin community to foster an inclusive campus culture.
  • Helping to increase the recruitment and retention of students with disabilities.
  • Ensuring that accommodations, modifications, and services are delivered effectively.
  • Using creative outreach, collaborative partnerships, proactive solutions, and more to facilitate student equity.

Fostering Financial Health

Though your wallet is not a part of you, we all know that financial woes can really take a toll. Serious financial difficulties can make it extremely challenging to thrive, succeed, and maintain your overall health. At Goodwin, we don’t want money to stand in the way of your success and overall satisfaction. Our Financial Aid department dedicates itself to helping you find aid opportunities that make attending college more affordable.

Better still, we’re not just ready to help you find the best way to pay for college — we’re also prepared to help you plan for your financial future. All Goodwin students can enjoy free access to Inceptia’s Financial Literacy program. This online program is comprised of 10 self-paced modules, which cover topics related to student finances, financial planning, budgeting, and more.

SNAP E&T Students Can Kick-Start Their Careers.

If you’re a current SNAP recipient, you may qualify for SNAP Employment and Training (E&T). This government program is designed to help eligible SNAP recipients receive vocational training — helping them develop job-ready skills and knowledge that can carry over into a stable career. At Goodwin University, SNAP E&T beneficiaries who hold a high school diploma or GED can enroll in specific programs for free. Learn more about enrolling in one of Goodwin’s SNAP E&T programs.

Enjoy VA Education Benefits.

If you’re a United States veteran looking to pursue higher education, look no further. Goodwin is proud to be listed among the top military-friendly colleges and universities. We provide educational benefits and special resources that are tailored to veterans. Learn more about Veteran Services at Goodwin.

A College That Cares

At Goodwin University, our students are our top priority. We offer comprehensive Support Services to help you along the path to personal and professional success. Whether you’re in need of academic support or career services, Goodwin has your back.

We’re invested in your success. Learn more about joining the Goodwin family or call 800-889-3282.