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The Lens of Leadership: Looking at the World a Different Way

The Lens of Leadership: Looking at the World in a Different Way
by Dr. Sandi Coyne-Gilbert, MBA, DM

As we look back on the past year and a half, we can’t help pondering the lessons we’ve learned. As we rewind and ruminate, we must also reflect on how the substantial shifts in our circumstances have altered our opinions and everyday realities.

With social media acting as a mirror and microcosm of society, there has been a noticeable increase in leadership initiatives popping up across various platforms. Content focusing on empathy, emotional intelligence, and emotive stories is being shared among the masses. Along with the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting Great Resignation of 2021, the rise of leadership strategies surrounding the importance of mental health topics, psychological safety, and vulnerability in the workplace is vast.

The chaos of the pandemic has forced all of us to learn new truths that change how we look at ourselves, our work, and the adjustments that need to be addressed. Today, people are emerging out of the silhouettes of social isolation and looking to put their best selves forward, facing the future with more than just a glimmer of hope.

In today’s ever-changing environment, it’s evident that leadership is essential and that countless groups are seeking guidance to stay grounded and let the light into their lives.

Below are five reasons why studying leadership can significantly contribute to your future success. 

  1. A supportive community cohort

In Goodwin’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program, students meet an array of learners seeking self-discovery and advancement. The MSOL classroom provides a safe space for students to examine high-stakes decisions in a low-stake environment. As a member of an inclusive cohort, graduate students are empowered to consider diverse points of view while creating long-lasting connections.

  1. An education in the eye of the storm

Change and leadership are central to the situational challenges we all encounter today. To mask or not to mask… to vaccinate or not to vaccinate… to stand six feet apart or not to social distance — these are inquiries that often come into question, and all solutions should be carefully considered by consistent servant leadership. Studying the skills and tactics to make the best decisions for your team and tribe shows consideration for your character, career, and impact on the world.

  1. A shifting workforce seeks leaders

Now more than ever, new opportunities and revamped industries alike need leaders! According to LinkedIn data (Seaman, 2021), some of the most in-demand sectors of this year include:

  • Ecommerce
  • Experts in workplace diversity
  • Digital content creators
  • Loan and mortgage experts
  • Personal and professional coaches and consultants
  • Sales and sales management

All of the above areas of expertise, and more, demand leaders who can develop their staff and further the organizational mission. From ecommerce to sales, all employers need talented trailblazers who can foster an energetic culture while engaging, inviting, and supporting their employees to succeed.

  1. Build your brand

A critical reason to study leadership in the digital age is to develop your dynamic personal brand. Once you know how to market your strengths and what sets you apart, your skills will carry you into your career and could even determine your life’s work.

  1. It’s time to take your temperature!

No, not your physical temperature, but it’s wise to take stock of exactly who you are in this land of the new-not-so-normal. Earning your master’s degree in leadership can provide assessments, surveys, instruments, and the Enneagram personality test to explore your innate qualities. The MSOL curriculum allows you to explore the untapped depths of yourself so that you can delve into who you are as a leader. The graduate courses enable students to improve on any setbacks they’ve encountered and embrace their authenticity, allowing their strengths to shine.

Leadership is critical not only during a pandemic but persists throughout a lifetime. Similar to earning your graduate degree, leading exemplifies a willingness to take chances, to crafting your future with careful consideration for others.

Leadership blends accountability with altruism while educating, encouraging, and engaging others to live a life above the bar they’ve set for themselves. Much like lessons learned during the pandemic, leadership entails pausing, pivoting, and persevering toward your goals. If we’ve learned anything during the past year and a half, it is that life is too short to stay still, settle, or say “maybe next year.”

The world needs leaders at the forefront fighting for their convictions. We need visionaries who lean into the megaphone in the hope of moving mountains.

Your microphone is waiting.

What do you want to tell the world?

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