why get a master’s in organizational leadership

Why Study Organizational Leadership?

It is no secret that we live in a complicated world. Between the global pandemic we are currently facing, the politics and policies that are constantly changing, and the ever-evolving use of technology in our day-to-day, it’s apparent that our lives, communities, and organizations are constantly in flux. Now, do you want to know the secret to keeping all of these complicated aspects in check? Solid leadership.

If you are asking yourself ‘why study organizational leadership?’, simply observe the world around you. There are many transitions happening in the way we do business, the way we live our daily lives, and even in how we consume our education. These shifts call for qualified leaders in place who can help the world create and navigate new systems and processes, particularly in the business arena. Qualified leaders are the ones who facilitate change, adapt to change, and help ensure that complication does not turn into chaos.

A master’s degree in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) will give you the knowledge and skills to lead across a variety of organizations and handle many different scenarios. So, why study organizational leadership? Well, the answer depends on you and your goals. You may study organizational leadership to:

  • Help an organization work towards and achieve its goals
  • Help a business navigate unchartered waters successfully
  • Help motivate and inspire teams to be great
  • Become a figure of organizational change

Now the question is, ‘Why should I study organizational leadership at the master’s level?’ A  certificate or bachelor’s degree in leadership or management may seem simpler, right? Let us help highlight some of the benefits of a Master’s in Organizational Leadership degree.

The simplest and perhaps most obvious reason for why you should study organizational leadership in graduate school, is because it will help you to advance into a leadership or managerial position. A master’s level leadership degree will gear you up with the tools you need to make a positive impact in all facets of an organization, including culture, communication, and talent and performance management. MSOL curriculums are comprehensive and focus on real-life topics such as data-driven decision making for leaders, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, and operations management. Also, great MSOL programs will have some sort of leadership project or simulation, where you can apply your learned competencies as a leader and get important feedback from instructors and peers.

Another reason to pursue an MSOL degree is because it is more attainable than ever before. At Goodwin University, for example, earning an MSOL is convenient and flexible, so that working professionals can earn their graduate degrees while juggling all of their other professional and personal priorities. Goodwin’s MSOL degree is offered fully online and in a hybrid (online and in-person) format. This allows for great flexibility, in terms of where and when you complete you coursework. Furthermore, Goodwin’s MSOL courses are offered in an accelerated 7 ½ week format, and the entire degree can be completed in as few as 20 months part-time. This means you don’t have to put your life on hold to get that leadership education.

Last but not least, you may choose to study organizational leadership is because you wish to accelerate your career growth. MSOL graduates work across all industries such as corporate, retail, education, government, nonprofit, marketing, real estate, healthcare, and manufacturing settings – to name a few. Employers tend to hire those who are committed to making change within their organizations. Earning an MSOL degree is a good reflection of that commitment. An MSOL degree will gear you up not only with the communication and analyzation skills to lead as a CEO or manager, but also with the compassion to truly make a positive impact wherever and whoever you lead.

So, why study organizational leadership? Because our futures, regardless of what industry you are in, depend on positive and qualified leaders to help navigate whatever complicated scenarios we are dealt. Learn more about Goodwin’s MSOL program by calling 800-889-3282 today.