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How to Take Advantage of Work-Study Opportunities at Goodwin University

Going to college can be expensive, and many students find themselves concerned about how to pay for college while trying to keep up with their personal financial responsibilities. Fortunately, work-study opportunities on college campuses can provide a solution to that problem.

Goodwin University strives to make paying for college as stress-free as possible. Our Financial Aid counselors are ready to help you understand everything that goes into paying for college and will help you balance your academics with the need to earn an income. Goodwin offers a variety of Federal Work-Study opportunities that eligible students can take advantage of while earning a degree.

We spoke with Goodwin’s Financial Aid department to learn more about the Federal Work-Study opportunities available to eligible Goodwin students.

What is the Federal Work-Study Program?

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a financial aid program that provides part-time employment opportunities to eligible college students. The program is designed to allow students to earn an income while they attend classes.

To be eligible for a work-study job, you must demonstrate a financial need and be enrolled in an eligible college or university. Your eligibility for an FWS job is calculated based on information provided in your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which you must fill out each year while in college. At Goodwin, your eligibility is based on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which is calculated when you submit your FAFSA. Most students who are Pell Grant eligible are also eligible for Federal Work-Study.

Work-study jobs are typically part-time and on-campus. Some schools, like Goodwin, also have work-study jobs off campus and even a few remote positions. Goodwin students work up to 15 hours per week at a rate of $14 per hour*.

*Spring 2023

What are the Benefits of a Federal Work-Study Job?

The Federal Work-Study program provides a valuable opportunity to earn money while gaining practical experience in your field — it’s a job that helps you develop the skills employers are looking for while you’re still in school.

We asked Jayda Hawley, Goodwin’s federal work-study coordinator, to tell us more about the benefits of work-study at Goodwin. Jayda’s role as the work-study coordinator involves expanding work-study opportunities at the University. “We want to bring back the community vibe that we had before Covid-19 and work-study is a big part of that community building process,” says Hawley. “Federal Work-Study gets students involved on campus. In my department, we help students make connections with faculty, staff, and other students while earning a paycheck. We’re always looking to add more positions on and off campus because we want to offer jobs to as many students as we can.”

In addition to offering a chance to make personal and professional connections on campus, work-study jobs provide many other benefits to students while in college:

  • Financial support: Work-study jobs provide a source of income for students while in school.
  • Career preparation: You can gain valuable experience in your field of study while developing important skillsets.
  • Time-management skills: Balancing work and school can help you develop better organizational skills, which are essential for a successful career.
  • Work-life balance: Work-study jobs can help you maintain a better work-life balance by allowing you to learn how to manage your responsibilities while still in a supportive school environment.

Goodwin goes even further in helping you prepare for your future career. Jayda and her team in Financial Aid help Goodwin students in many other ways. “We help students schedule an appointment with Career Services to create a professional resume or practice their interviewing skills,” says Hawley.

Students interested in a work-study job at Goodwin must apply and interview for these roles — giving students the opportunity to practice the skills needed to find a job after college. Goodwin also offers resources to help students in the job search process during and after college.

Goodwin University recently switched from using College Central Network to a new platform called Handshake. Handshake is a career services platform that connects college students and recent graduates with employers and job opportunities. Handshake provides Goodwin students with a database of available work-study positions. Students can search for work-study roles and apply directly on the platform.

Handshake provides tools to manage your career search, build a resume, and prepare for interviews. Handshake also helps you connect with potential employers, learn about job opportunities, and build your professional network.

At Goodwin, work-study positions are available year-round, and new jobs are continually becoming available as students graduate or move into other roles.

Work-Study Positions Available at Goodwin

Goodwin offers a variety of on-campus positions students can apply for:

  • Library front desk assistant: Assisting students using the library to study.
  • Library proctoring assistant: Watching students take exams and ensuring test takers have the necessary supplies.
  • Financial aid front desk assistant: Assisting Jayda and the Financial Aid department by helping students check in for appointments with Financial Aid.
  • Manufacturing front desk assistant: Helping students check in for appointments in the Manufacturing department.
  • IT assistant: Helping students with their online accounts and checking them into campus buildings.
  • Online Studies assistant: Working with Canvas — this is a remote position after the first two weeks.
  • Student affairs assistant: Helping students check in with Career Services, counselors, etc.
  • Veterans Services assistant: Helping the Veterans Services department.
  • Student Affairs gym coordinator: This is an evening position at Goodwin’s Connecticut River Academy magnet school, helping students and staff check into the gym.
  • Peer tutor: After your first semester at Goodwin, you can apply to be a peer tutor for courses in which you’ve received an A for a grade.
  • Note-taker: Working with AccessAbility Services to help other students with their notetaking.

With the opening of Goodwin’s Community Manufacturing Training Center on Park St. in Harford, Goodwin is now looking for bilingual students to take on work-study positions off campus. Eligible students will help community members learn more about what is available to them at the Manufacturing center.

A work-study position serves as a bridge connecting your academic and professional life. As a career-focused school, Goodwin gives you the tools and resources you’ll need to transition from a student to a passionate professional in any field you choose.

To learn more about Goodwin’s career-focused degree and certificate programs, reach out to us today!