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Start Your Path Towards a Career You Love at Goodwin University

You deserve to love what you do.

In the wake of a global pandemic and with the rising cost of living due to inflation, this may sound easier said than done. In addition, many of today’s most stable industries only hire individuals with relevant credentials, such as a degree or certificate. As things stand today, it may not seem like the ideal time to advance your education to pursue a new career.

But don’t count yourself out just yet. When you enroll in one of Goodwin’s career-focused programs, you’ll be investing in your future at an institution that believes a higher education and a better tomorrow is achievable and accessible for everyone. Our graduates find pride, success, and satisfaction in their careers. Below, learn how Goodwin University helped guide some recent students towards fulfilling careers they love!

Goodwin Students Gain Real-World Experience

“One of the best parts about the CNC program was the internship opportunities Goodwin offered. In the first week, we already had companies coming in to offer internships. I started training at an aerospace manufacturer while still attending college, and it all worked in harmony. Goodwin has great relationships with the Connecticut manufacturing industry, and those opportunities give students a launchpad for success.”

– Priyansha Nayak, CNC Machining, Metrology, and Manufacturing


“I currently serve as the Chief of Staff for the Town of East Hartford. I love what I do because it has always been my life’s purpose to help my fellow neighbor. This job puts me in a position to influence a resident’s quality of life in a positive manner. I also love the fast pace and complexity of local government operations. Every day presents a new challenge to overcome and an opportunity to learn something new. Goodwin helped me fall in love with managing and working with people. During my 13 years working for Goodwin’s facilities department, I had the great pleasure of serving as one of the facilities directors, which provided me with real-world experience in managing and leading people. Through my experience, I learned the importance of motivating, growing, and leading employees so that we all worked toward and achieved a shared goal. I also obtained my Master’s in Organizational Leadership through Goodwin’s MSOL program. Under the leadership of the MSOL Program Director, I was able to learn about my own leadership style and how I can use my skills to lead and grow others. What I loved most about Goodwin was simple — the people I worked with. They truly cared about me and my future.”

– Connor Martin, Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

Aside from receiving expert instruction, our students benefit from gaining valuable hands-on experience. From our Manufacturing programs to our healthcare programs, we offer students many opportunities to apply their learning, strengthen their skills, and build professional connections. These opportunities instill confidence in our graduates and open doors to new and exciting possibilities.

We take pride in the success of our students. That’s why we provide relevant, hands-on training for the career that you love. The job placement rate for Goodwin graduates is a staggering 94%!**

Goodwin University Makes Education Affordable

“From the very beginning, Goodwin made the process easy. The Financial Aid department was amazing and stood out immediately in comparison to other schools. My financial advisor really went in-depth about the financial aid packages, the differences between grants and loans, and what they can do. It was wonderful to walk away with a better understanding of the financial aid process.”

– Lauren Gee, Funeral Service

At Goodwin, we understand that one of the biggest barriers to higher education is affordability. That’s why our Financial Aid department works closely with students to make paying for college easier. In fact, 91%* of our students receive funding in the form of scholarships and grants. Goodwin is here to help you navigate all aspects of the financial aid process. This way, you can focus on what really matters — laying the groundwork for the career of your dreams.

Goodwin Fits Into Your Schedule

“Classes are flexible here. I work full time and Goodwin has online classes and night classes that are really helpful. Being able to do my work whenever I have the time is perfect. I don’t think I would have been able to go to school if not for that flexibility. I had such a positive experience and received a quality education that now I feel like I can do whatever I want in the world because I have such strong roots here.”

– Serena Seepersaud, Business Administration

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or are in pursuit of a new career path, Goodwin University is here to help you meet your professional goals. We don’t want life to stand in the way of your passion — that’s why we offer part-time and full-time programs of study, with day and night classes. The University also offers several programs that can be completed on a hybrid or online format.

Goodwin University is committed to making higher education convenient and accessible for all students. Did you know that 51%* of our students are enrolled in fully remote programs?

Our Expert Professors Take the Time to Get to Know You

“Currently, I oversee the Office of College and Career Readiness for Bloomfield Public Schools. The best part of my job is working with my students! I am not only privileged to help them overcome barriers; to be able to share that moment when they discover their passion is like watching a person realize that they have a purpose and a place in this world—and those moments are why I come to work every day. Goodwin helped me fall in love with helping other people realize their potential because it was at Goodwin where I realized mine. At Goodwin is where I found my shared love for students and education. The supportive environment and mentorship I received were invaluable and contributed so much to the woman I am today. Now, I take every opportunity I can to pour into others the way Goodwin poured into me.”

– Destiny Davis, MSW, BS Human Services 2017

“The professors were instrumental to my success and were very accommodating to my schedule. Professors were available before and after class and even outside of their normal working hours. The courses also helped further my professional education. The professors at Goodwin are the most professional and caring educators that I’ve interacted with throughout my educational career. If there is any issue that should arise or a conflict with attendance, they will do their best to work with you and your schedule. The professors also care about the course that they teach, and it doesn’t feel like they’re just reading from a course outline.”

– Dustin Ganci, Public Safety and Security

No program would be great without expert instructors. Our university faculty is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals – masters in their fields who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with you while offering the support to help see you through graduation. Goodwin University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). This means that our programs are peer-reviewed, assessed, and held to the highest academic standards.

At Goodwin University, our student to faculty ratio is 16:1.* Thanks to our small class sizes, professors can provide you with 1-1 attention and personalized feedback.

Universal Design for Learning Helps Meet Diverse Student Needs

“Goodwin University allowed me to believe in my capabilities to successfully learn how to plan for and operate my woman-owned small business. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, starting a business was only a dream. Goodwin University’s adult education courses gave me the tools and instructions on how to turn my vision into a reality. I am forever grateful for the knowledgeable, professional professors and teachers that cared about my vision and showed me how to attain my goals. It’s NEVER too late for education!”

– Robin Jackson, Business Start-Ups

Goodwin’s programs are designed for students from all walks of life. Our Universal Design for Learning Framework (UDL) helps professors tailor their instruction to meet the diverse needs of our students. First implemented at Goodwin in 2016, this research-based model for teaching and learning is a proven path to student success.

But UDL is not the reason our students succeed — it is their passion that helps them achieve their goals. Our students come to us with their own unique ideas, experiences, and motivations. UDL isn’t simply the means to an end, it is a way to embrace your strengths, fine-tune your skills, and stride towards the career of your dreams.

Instructors integrate UDL into their classrooms by:

  • Creating individualized student goals
  • Embracing flexible methods of teaching and learning
  • Providing relevant and prompt feedback
  • Supplying accessible course materials

The Office of Career Services Offers Lifelong Support

“I graduated in 2020 with a certificate in CNC Manufacturing. Since earning my certificate, I’ve been able to secure job opportunities that have helped me to be able to support a family of four. I currently work for Enjet Aero, making engine parts for commercial and military aircraft. I love my career, and it was all possible because of the Goodwin faculty and the information and confidence they instilled in me.”

– Ronald Rivas, CNC Machining

“Being in the Human Services field is beyond rewarding. My current career allows me to take care of the senior community. I enjoy my job as a memory care manager because I can give back. I love seeing my residents engaged in my activity programs because it helps enhance their quality of life. The Human Services field allows us to make a meaningful impact on others and help make a difference in the world.”

– Lauren Attenello, Human Services

Goodwin University does not stop believing in you after you graduate. The Office of Career Services provides both students and alumni with guidance, support, and tools for career development. The services offered range from individualized career coaching to networking opportunities with local employers. The Office of Career Services can also help you access the College Central Network (CCN). Through this digital platform, you can share your resume, upload a portfolio, and explore resources for career development.

Our Career Service professionals know the ins and outs of each Goodwin program. They will take the time to understand your goals and help pave the way to a career that you love!

Follow your heart to a career that you love! Learn more about joining the Goodwin family today!

*Based on fall 2022 data

**Based on students graduating from 07/01/21-06/30/22